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Before You Start…

Please observe the following points as you prepare your manuscript for submission to Spora.

  • Manuscripts will be welcome from authors who are or were graduate or undergraduate students during the time the project was completed. Faculty may coauthor as long as at least 50% of the authors are students.

What will the referees be looking for in a submitted paper?

Check out the review guidelines that we send them along with your manuscript.

  • If there is no faculty coauthor, then at least one faculty mentor must be listed as such on the manuscript, and a designated faculty mentor will be responsible for submission and communication with editors during the review and editorial processes. Graduate students should be listed as faculty mentors.
  • Manuscripts should be properly formatted using one of our two templates.
    LaTeX template:
    MS Word template: SporaTemplate Final.docx
  • Figures and images should be of production quality/resolution.
  • Have a list of four possible peer reviewers ready. These should not include anyone from your institution or anyone with whom you have co-authored​ a paper in the past five years.
  • Accepted manuscripts require an article publication charge (APC) to be paid before they are published. Details on the APC amount can be found on the FAQ page.

Do we need to adhere to a certain style?

If you are composing your manuscript “from scratch”, it might help to consider the style guidelines mentioned on the FAQ page and demonstrated in the LaTeX template. For example, the list of references should be formatted in APA style.

Submission Process

Fast-Track Review

For those wanting to expedite their manuscript’s review process, you can purchase ($85) a “Fast-Track Review.” This will guarantee that your manuscript is reviewed and an initial decision made within four weeks from the day of submission. Please note that this purchase does not guarantee that your manuscript will be accepted.

If you think this option is for you, please take the following steps:

  1. Go to the Spora Journal Store to order a “Fast-Track Review” with a credit card.
  2. After the order is processed, you should receive a confirmation email with an order number.
  3. Include the order number in the “Cover Letter” field in Step 4 of the paper submission process (see below).

Submitting Your Article

Are you new to Spora? 

The faculty mentor on your manuscript will need to create an account at our manuscript submission site.

Are you a returning author? 

Welcome Back! You may log back in using the credentials you’ve already established.

You are now ready to submit your manuscript, but before we send you on your way to complete this four-step process, please keep the following in mind:

  • The designated faculty mentor must check the box on the submission form certifying that at least 50% of the listed authors were students during the time the pr​oject was completed.
  • You will need the name, email address, and affiliation of all authors and faculty mentor(s).
  • You will need the name, email address, and affiliation of four possible peer reviewers for your manuscript—none of them should be in the same institution as yourself or have been co-authors with any of the authors of your manuscript within the past five years.
  • For those who typeset their documents in LaTeX, we prefer the PDF at this point, but the source files can be uploaded as supplementary materials.
  • Any “Fast-Track Review” purchases should be made before you submit your manuscript, and the order number should be listed in the “Cover Letter” in Step 4.
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