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SPORA Journal
SPORA Journal
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What is SPORA?

SPORA (spor'-ah)  1. New Latin, from spora seed, spore; Greek, seed sown, a sowing. 2. acronym: Students Progress On Research Achievement 

SPORA-The Journal
"Because today's F1 is tomorrow's F0"

    Aim & Scope

    Spora is an undergraduate journal dedicated to publishing high quality manuscripts that describe mathematical and statistical techniques to solve problems in biological settings.  Submitted papers may take various forms, including development of a mathematical model of a biological system, possibly including experimental work; development of a particular solution or method related to biological systems; or computational, statistical, or theoretical analysis of existing mathematical models in biology.  Accepted papers will demonstrate an appropriate range of interdisciplinary content and clear exposition, at a level expected from undergraduate authors.  Expository papers may be accepted if they are of exceptionally high quality.

    The types of manuscripts considered for publication

    • Research 
      • This section publishes high quality articles, written by students during their undergraduate careers, of novel, as well as established, mathematical and statistical approaches to biological hypotheses. Manuscripts should employ an interdisciplinary approach and should be of interest to a wide spectrum of scientists from related fields. Interdisciplinary research from any sub-discipline within the life sciences in conjunction with any sub-discipline within the mathematical and statistical sciences will be considered.
    • Exposition
      • This section will publish high quality expository articles, written by students during their undergraduate careers, that describe particular areas of mathematical biology research. Manuscripts may consist of undergraduate capstone projects or reviews, consisting of critical and constructive analysis of the literature in a specific field. For reviews, it is also appropriate to include mention of relevant software or instrumentation.