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Survey Options
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Use the Qualtrics Survey Platform in endless ways from simple forms to complex research questionnaires.  With Qualtrics you can easily add from a large selection of question types like multiple choice, text entry, matrix, group, rank, drill down, file upload, and more. To create or edit a survey in Qualtrics, use the links on this page to log in with your ULID and password.

Qualtrics makes it easy to get started but is also very powerful. Learn more about Qualtrics features on their website.

This tool also has very powerful analysis and reporting features which can help make sense of the data collected. 

Getting Started

Getting Help

Qualtrics support is available 24/7.  

Other Qualtrics resources:


To report an issue with Qualtrics, please log in to the IT Help website and click "Submit an Issue" or simply email with a detailed description of your issue. Through the IT Help website, you can also view the status of your open Issues and Requests and search for solutions to common problems.