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Textbook Affordability Committee

The Textbook Affordability Committee

This committee is a campus-wide group that discusses textbook affordability issues at ISU. The committee has representation from student government, the student body at large, teaching faculty, the Registrar’s Office, the Student Affairs Division, and Milner Library. Some members are appointed and others are elected. As part of the University’s shared governance structure, the Textbook Affordability Committee reports to the Academic Affairs Committee, which reports to the Academic Senate.


  • Collaborate with stakeholders on identifying and addressing textbook affordability problems at Illinois State University
  • Systematically analyze the cost and affordability of textbook options 
  • Develop and periodically update short- and long-term goals
  • Educate faculty and students of options for minimizing textbook costs

Current Membership

The Committee is composed of nine voting members.

  • Three students (at least one Senator and one non-Senator, nominated and elected by the Student Government Association for one-year terms):
    • Senators Caleb Howard (2019-) and Joshua Crockett (2019-), and non-Senator (Vacant)
  • Three faculty (one Senator or Senate designee and two non-Senators, nominated and elected by Faculty Caucus for staggered two-year terms):
    • Senator Julie Murphy (2019-21) and non-Senators Michaelene Cox (2019-21) and Euysup Shim (2019-21)
  • Dean of Milner Library or designee:
    • Designee Anne Shelley (2017-)
  • University Registrar or designee:
    • Designee Pam Walden (2019-)
  • Vice President of Student Affairs or designee:
    • Designee Joe Hendrix (2019-)

TAC meeting minutes are available on the Academic Senate website

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