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Andrew  Mitchell
Andrew  Mitchell
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Former ​Cyclomagicians​

Sayed Gafur.jpg

Sayed Gafur

Haley Website.jpg

Haley Gelfund
B.S. Chemistry (Dec. 2016)
Current – Obiter Research​

Rachel Epplin.jpg

Rachel Epplin​

Sammi Willens
B.S. Biology (May 2016)

Current – Advanced Clinical 


Dr. Shilpa Pohani

​Taylor Arledge 
B.S. Biochem. (Dec. 2015)

Current – ​M.S. Chem. ISU​

 Christian Zwick 
B.S. Chemistry (May 2015) 
Current – Scripps Florida Chemistry

Brendan Thompson 
B.S. Chemistry (May 2015) 
Current – UK Toxicology

Stacie ​Cler 
B.S. Chemistry/Biology 
(May 2015)
Current – M.S. Chem. ISU

Chris Olson 
B.S. Chemistry (Dec. 2014)
Current – Univ. of Minnesota 
Pharmacy (Pharm.D.)​

Justin​ Simanis 
M.S. Chemistry (2014)
B.S. Chemistry (2012)
Current – Abbvie Pharmaceutical R&D

Mars​hall Law 
B.S. Biochemistry (2013)
M.S. Chemistry (2015) 
Current – BC Chemistry​

Erica Woodall 
M.S. Chemistry (2013) 
Current – AMRI Global​

Erin Mortimer 
B.S. Biology (2013)
Current – College of Veterinary
Medicine at UI – Urbana​

Sydney Roche 
B.S. Biochemistry (2013)
Current – Laboratory
Technician Univ. of Chicago​

Courtnay Shaner 
M.S. Chemistry (2012)
Current – UMD-NIST Institute for Bioscience and Biotechnology Research

Patrick Leszczynski 
B.S. Chemistry (2012)
Current – Chemtool 

Louis Bajek 
B.S. Chemistry (2011)
Current – Quality Control Tech.: 
The Salem Group​

David Ferge 

B.A. English (2012)
Current – College of Medicine 
at UI – Urbana ​

Matt Beio 

B. S. Chemistry (2011)
Current – Univ. Nebraska 


Illinois Summer Research Academy (ISRA): Link

ISRA 2016.jpg


ISRA 2017.jpg