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Dr. Vickie Borowicz

Dr. Victoria Borowicz

I have retired, no longer teach, and am no longer accepting graduate students, but here are some of the …

Courses I previously taught:

  • Biological Investigation (BSC 204)
  • Ecology (BSC 201)
  • Economic Botany (BSC 211)
  • Population Ecology (BSC 404)

My lab is currently in 232 Felmley Science Annex where …

My research interest​s still include:

  • the ecology of parasitic plants
  • above/belowground interactions in native and agricultural ecosystems
Graduated! Tim Martin, Anna Scheidel, Emily Bernhard – with Vickie Borowicz & Ankita Gupta

Current lab members

Postdoctoral researcher

  • Ankita Gupta

Graduate student

  • Cassie McGinnis

Undergraduate student

  • Margaux Thompson

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