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Victoria A Borowicz
Victoria A Borowicz
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Plants form persistent, intimate associations (symbioses) with organisms that may be enemies, mutualists, or commensals.  As a community ecologist, I am interested in how symbioses directly affect the growth of hosts, indirectly affect enemies of the host, and how the environment modifies the role played by symbionts. Visit Google Scholar to locate publications or contact me.
​Current research in the lab
  • How hemiparasitic plants influence prairie communities
  • Invasion of grasslands by Lespedeza cuneata - Morgan Walder
  • Response of arthropod communities to L. cuneata invasion - Jessica Fowler
Recent past research
  • Constraints on reproductive success of Baptisia alba - Ashley Hembrough, M.S.
  • The impact of drought on holoparasite-host plant relations - Bethany Evans, M.S.
  • Light limitation and the establishment & growth of a grassland hemiparasite - Brandon Mardoian, B.S.