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Our Mission

The Center for a Sustainable Water Future is an interdisciplinary initiative that brings together academically diverse faculty from across campus to advance research, creative expression, teaching, and outreach activities promoting and enhancing effective and viable water solutions and stewardship within Illinois and with our regional, national, and global partners. Through action research, our interdependence and relationship with water will be explored, investigated, and shared promoting a broader sustainable water ethic for the future. 

Learn more about some of the water research projects in McLean County.


Water Sustainability Minor

The Water center proudly announces the new Water Sustainability Minor.

Water is a global resource and water security is crucial. Sustainable water management has profound implications for a variety of sectors. Meet and learn from professionals whose work focuses on water. 


Water – Climate Change, and the Risk of Violent Conflict

Dr. Ken Conca’s research and teaching focus on global environmental governance, environmental peacebuilding in war-torn societies, environmental politics and policy in the United Nations system, water governance, and environmental policy analysis.


Summer 2021 Undergraduate Research Support Program Awards announced

The Center for a Sustainable Water Future is excited to support this innovative undergraduate research: Joseph Hoberg of Elgin, Illinois; Geology, “Utilizing a TRAC and a tracer test to better quantify the dynamic movement of shallow groundwater,” mentored by Dr. Eric Peterson.

Innovation Consulting Community team proposes sustainable farming container at ISU

In just a few months, a team of motivated students put together a proposal to implement a shipping container farm on Illinois State’s campus.

Hands in the water: Hydrogeology students investigate local fish kills

Dissolving oxygen in water is vital for aquatic life. Illinois State University’s hydrogeology students found real-world experience by exploring whether depleted oxygen levels impacted fish at a local lake.

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Dr. Noha Shawki

Professor and Co-Director

Department of Politics and Government


Dr. Joan M. Brehm

Professor and Co-Director

Department of Sociology and Anthropology


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