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Bill Perry
Bill Perry
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My laboratory is currently working on two major projects

The first project deals with the ecology and biogeochemistry of agricultural streams. We are currently working with The Nature Conservancy to examine the effects of watershed management practices and wetlands on downstream water quality. This work is being conducted in headwater streams of the Mackinaw River east of Illinois State University.

The second project in the laboratory deals with in​vasive species ecology. We are currently focusing on the invasions dynamics of the rusty crayfish, Orconectes rusticus, in streams. We are assessing the role of flow in mediating invasion dynamics. Another aspect of this research is examining the role of hybridization in streams using microsatellite markers developed in collaboration with David Lodge and Jeff Feder at the University of Notre Dame.

Contact Me

Bill Perry
Department of Biology
Illinois State University
Campus Box 4120

(309) 438-8160​​