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Welcome to Water and REmote Sensing research (WRES) Lab

Group photo on the quad

Current and past members, from left to right: Joe, Wondy, Prince, Luis, Jae, and Teddy.

​​​What we do? 

We study the Water Cycle, Climate, and Human Impact all around the Globe. We measure, characterize, and simulate processes in the Water Cycle using Field Observations, Modeling, and Remote Sensing. We seek to apply the knowledge to sustainable future water management of the threatened global fresh water resources due to human impacts and global change. Examples of active project areas include to: 

  • ​​​​​​​​​​Quantify and explore the effect of future climate change and human impacts in water resources, such as groundwater, lakes and reservoirs,
  • Assess sustainability of threatened aquifer systems,
  • ​Evaluate the impact of drought and climate variability in water availability,
  • Integrate remote sensing techniques in hydrology in ungauged basins,​
  • Understand groundwater feedback to the land-atmo​spheric processes and climate​​​, and 
  • Model the effect of agricultural management practices in water pollution, fate and transport of contaminants.​​​​​ ​​​ 


  • Cavien is starting @Genesis Engineering and Red. in August 2022.
  • Jerry joined Ramboll Group. in June 2022
  • Jerry will be presenting his thesis work at the 2021 GSA annual meeting
  • Geno started working at Golder Assoc.
  • Dawit started a PhD at MST this Fall.
  • Gare accepted a PhD position at UNLV.
  • Jae’s Ms thesis research accepted for publication on HSJ.
  • Geno proposed his MS thesis research that looks into climate impact on the Sudd Wetland.
  • Teddy started a PhD program at UNL in spring 2020.
  • Gare and Teddy successfully defended their MSc theses research.
  • GRACE downscaling paper is published on Remote sensing journal, see the link here.​, selected as Editors’ choice article on Remote Sens.
  • Luis is joining Geosyntec at Long Beach Office, CA.
  • Dongjae is accepted to a PhD program at Utah State University, Jae will start at USU this coming Fall.
  • Prince will be starting PhD this fall at UTA.
  • Team members Jae, Luis, and Prince successfully defended their MS thesis and will be be graduating this May.​Teddy proposed his MS thesis proposal, which is generally about applying drone and thermal sensors in hydrology.

If you​ are interested in becoming a member of our lab as an undergraduate or a graduate student, please feel free to inquire with Dr. Wondy Seyoum​ directly.

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