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Wondwosen Seyoum
Wondwosen Seyoum
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Current members of the research group, from left to right: Joe, Wondy, Prince, Luis, Jae, and Teddy.

Welcome to the WRES (Water RESources and REmote Sensing RESearch) Lab 

- Study the Water Cycle, Climate, and Human Impact all around the Globe.

What we do? 

We measure, characterize, and simulate processes in the Water Cycle using Field Observations, Modeling, and Remote Sensing. We seek to apply the knowledge to sustainable future water management of the threatened global fresh water resources due to human impacts and global change. Examples of active project areas include to: 

  • ​​​​​​​​​​Quantify and explore the effect of future climate change and human impacts in water resources, such as groundwater, lakes and reservoirs,
  • Assess sustainability of threatened aquifer systems,
  • ​Evaluate the impact of drought and climate variability in water availability,
  • Integrate remote sensing techniques in hydrology in ungauged basins,​
  • Understand groundwater feedback to the land-atmo​spheric processes and climate​​​, and 
  • Model the effect of agricultural management practices in water pollution, fate and transport of contaminants.​​​​​ ​​​