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I am a Professor of Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship in the College of Business at Illinois State University. Also, I am the Director of George R. and Martha Means Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, Illinois State University.  I had my doctoral education (Ph.D.) in Business Administration from Washington State University.

Core to my research interest is my curiosity which has evolved from my love of Art, Science, and Technology. While Dali and Picasso created new Art movements, inventions like the steam engine, electricity, and the Internet have changed the way we look at our World. History has witnessed innovations in science and technology while making lives more comfortable for humans, did destroy existing jobs while creating new ones by overcoming the power of muscles. Today, we are seeing innovations that are devastating the limitations of our minds. Algorithms and programs are taking away a lot of jobs for which humans were needed. Be it an application to write reports or a complex set of instructions to drive a car, technological inventions now have impacts that are more enigmatic than ever. Scholars all over the World have divided themselves into two broad groups. One that imagines a dystopian future, where machines will rule the World. The other sees technological innovations to free humans from repetitive work and enable them to chase and overcome more significant and complex problems like poverty, attainment of world peace, improvement of human health, and so forth. I share the second view vehemently.

My research interest revolves around entrepreneurial activities surrounding the sourcing and commercialization of innovations. Also, I am a part of a team investigating entrepreneurial, marketing, and innovative orientation among new ventures and how those affect their ability to use social media to launch new products strategically and effectively. This research also involves success parameters for crowdfunding campaigns, especially looking at a firm’s entrepreneurial orientation, innovative orientation, and strategic use of social media as predictors. I am also investigating how innovation configuration (architectural vs. component; radical vs. incremental) and application (product vs. process; competence enhancing vs. destroying) are independent of its performance (breakthrough or not). I am looking at trends and patterns in Hollywood franchises to see if narrative transformation within a franchise can have any impact on economic returns. And, I am also collecting data on each individual race for F-1 since 1950 to see if an engine is truly a core product of an F-1 car. Some of my works have been published in elite journals like the Journal of Business Research, Technovation, R&D Management, Journal of International Management (JIM), Journal of Small Business Management (JSBM), International Journal of Innovation Management, and Information Systems Research

I teach the graduate (MBA) and an undergraduate capstone course in Strategic Management at Illinois State University. Also, I teach classes in Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship. I am an ad-hoc reviewer for many journals, including the Journal of Management (JOM), Technovation, Journal of International Business Studies (JIBS), and so forth. Being the Director of the Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, I am actively involved in designing courses, and forging alliances with local businesses, Angel Investors, Venture capitalists, and Business Incubators.

During my spare time, I paint and sketch ( My work is inspired by Dali and Picasso’s complexities of dimensions.

I like trying out several blends of coffee and ground size and experimenting with the outcome through espresso maker, Hario V-60, French Press, and many more–this borders around madness (

More than warranted, I do consume a lot of information on mechanical watches and sports cars. And, lastly, I am working on a three-part novel-The Time corrector series. The first book in the series, The Winding was published in February 2022 ( and has been rated as the top five Time-Travel fiction of the year by Readers’ favorites ( The second book in the series will be published in February 2023. You can learn more about my fiction work at

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