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​Current Courses

PS​Y 432: Theories and Practice of Cognitive Assessment​

Theory and training in individual cognitive assessment with emphasis on the Wechsler measure. Course involves a lecture and lab component, as students learn about cognitive testing in class and practice administering and interpreting measures outside of class.​

PS​Y 473: Theories and Techniques of Counseling: Children and Adolescents 

Introduction to the main theories of psychosocial assessment and intervention, supporting research, and practical applications with children and adolescents. Heavy focus on issues of diversity and inclusion.

Previous Courses

  • PSY 231: Educational Psychology
  • PSY 392: Senior Seminar: Deconstructing the History of Psychology – Our Role in Racism and Eugenics
  • PSY 435: Academic Assessment and Intervention
  • PSY 436.04: Practicum: Psychoeducational Assessment and Interpretation
  • PSY 436.05: Practicum: Psychosocial Assessment and Interpretation
  • PSY 486: Native American North Star Peer Mentoring (other institution)
  • PSY 672: Psychological Assessment (other institution)​​
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