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Fall 2004

The Roman Catholic Church and the Democratic Process: A Comparative Analysis of Abortion Policies in Ireland and Poland
Krystyna K. Cap
University of Toronto

Kosovo and the International Community: The Prolonging and Exacerbation of a Crisis
Lindsay Scorgie
University of Toronto

An Overview of Issues Concerning International and National Approaches to Global Climate Change Management: A Look at Japan
Katie Robiadek
Michigan State University

The Bush Doctrine: Creating Discord in International Security
Ajit Singh
University of Winnipeg

Ceausescu’s Children: The Process of Democratization and the Plight of Romania’s Orphans
Peter J. Gloviczki
St. Olaf College at Northfield, MN

Research Notes
Introduction Julie Webber
Issues of Gender and Labor Policies in the Third World: Nigeria as a Case Study Onyekachi Kanu
Lesbian Fiction Between First and Second Wave Feminism
Rachel Spangler
Public Secondary Educational Policy in the US and the Hijacking of Masculine Identity: Construction of the New 21st Century Man 
Eduardo D. Garza
HIV/AIDS, Risk and African American Men
Jason Waters

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