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Submission Guidelines

We welcome submissions year round from graduate as well as undergraduate students. All submissions will be considered for publication, and will be refereed by the editors prior to publication.  Submissions received over the summer break will be reviewed during the following fall semester and authors will be notified of their status then.

Manuscripts for consideration should be sent electronically to our editorial office at​

Manuscript preparation guidelines

A submission needs to include two separate documents:

  1. ​A formal title page titled as follows: (your) “firstname_lastname.doc.” The title page should include your name, the title of your paper, you institutional affiliation and your contact information 
  2. ​The body of your paper and an abstract (200 words or less) with all identifying information removed titled as follows: (your) “paper_title.doc” 

Style guidelines​

Manuscripts should​ be:

  • saved in Microsoft Word or rich text format
  • not longer than 10,000 words in length
  • referenced using APSA style (
  • all pages numbered consecutively with all tables, figures, or appendices placed at the end of the document

We expect the manuscripts to be your own original work and not be published somewhere else or under consideration in any other journal.

If manucripts do not meet these guidelines they will not be sent out for review.

Thank you for your interest in Critique.  We look forward to reading your work.​

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