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About Us

The College Technology Directors Council (CTDC) is a unified voice representing its members when the opportunity for collaboration exists. Members share experience and ideas with each other to promote efficiency and excellent service. Members support each other towards a positive and effective working environment.

Projects and Priorities

  1. Improve printing service for faculty and academic staff
  2. Develop and implement a College IT mentorship program


Advance the technology experience across the colleges by identifying, prioritizing, and advocating for collaborative solutions.  

Guiding Principles 

With influence from the Illinois State University strategic plan, Educate • Connect • Elevate: Illinois State—The Strategic Plan for Illinois’ First Public University 2018-2023 and the Guiding Principles of ITIL 4, the CTDC has crafted the following guiding principles:

  1. An innovation-driven technology experience advances the mission and vision of the university.
  1. Consistency, reliability, sustainability, and meaningful innovation builds trust for all.
  1. Collaboration and functional input between IT units and the faculty, staff, and students leads to a better technology experience.
  1. A better technology experience is achieved through helpful, reliable, and intuitive IT systems and services.
  1. IT services and systems that allow flexibility can better meet the needs of diverse priorities of different colleges, schools, departments, and units.
  1. Sharing expertise builds value beyond the sum of our parts.
  1. IT support and service implemented well leverages and reflects educational principles.

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