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the ISU home page of Professor Williams

  • Professor Emeritus of Music and Arts Technology/Creative Technologies at Illinois State University
  • Consultant and technology evangelist on music and arts technology, computer technlogy and Web design
  • Teacher, musician (clarinet/bari sax/wind controller),composer, writer, software developer, and former administrator
  • Past President of The College Music Society and member of the TI:ME Executive Committee
  • Golfer and inveterate reader and movie watcher 

Selected list of music libraries, archives, and other things for music research classes. (Updated 2021)

CMS Seoul, Korea Conference Presentation “Novel Strategies for Teaching Graduate Music Research
(July 2011)

David Brian Williams, BMEd, MM, PhD

Emeritus Professor of Music & Creative Technologies
Illinois State University
Visit my website at for current professional activities, resources, compositions, and publications, or my site for promoting the use of music technology to reach the “Other 80%” of students not engaged in music ( in our schools.
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