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Courses I Regularly Teach

PHY 107 – Frontiers in Physics is an introduction to computational and graphical techniques, technical communication skills, and contemporary topics in physics and related fields.

PHY 108 – College Physics I involves studying the beauty of mechanics, fluids, heat, waves and sound, developed with algebra. It includes diverse scientific and technological applications, and requires two years of high-school algebra. Lab sections provide hands-on contact with lecture materials.

PHY 284 – Quantum Mechanics I is an introduction to the quantum world, including the marvelous Schroedinger equation with various potentials (square-well, simple harmonic oscillator, etc.), the uncertainty principle, quantum operators, and angular momentum. 

​PHY/BSC 371 – Biophysics of Neurological Systems ​combines computer modeling with experiments to study the fascinating behavior of neurons. It is a Physics-Biology joint effort aimed at providing an environment conducive to learning neuroscience.

 PHY 380A03 – Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos delves in the intriguing world of nonlinear systems and chaotic behavior including strange attractors, fractal dimension, basin boundaries, sensitivity to initial conditions and more, with examples from mechanical, electrical and natural processes.

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