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Peer Reviewed Publications​​

Leslie, David E. and G. Logan Miller

2023 Early Paleoindian Personal Adornment: An Example from the Brian D. Jones Site in Avon, Connecticut. PaleoAmerica 9:48-59.

Boulanger, Matthew T., Briggs Buchanan, G. Logan Miller, Brian G. Redmond, Bob Christy, Brandi L. MacDonald, David Mielke, Ryun Mielke, Connie Mielke, Tate Maurer, Bruce Meyer, Monty Meyer, Brian Trego, Andy Wilson, Pete Cartwright, Leo Ott, Michelle R. Bebber, David J. Meltzer, and Metin I. Eren. 2022 The Mielke Clovis Site (33SH26), Western Ohio, USA, Geochemical Sourcing, Technological Descriptions, Artifact Morphometrics, and Microwear. Midcontinental Journal of Archaeology 47:69-102.

Eren, Metin I., Fernando Diez-Martin , G. Logan Miller, Briggs Buchanan, Richard Haythorn, Matthew T. Boulanger, Ashley Rutkoski, Jennifer Bush, James D. Norris, C. Owen Lovejoy, Richard S. Meindl, and Michelle R. Bebber. 2021 Current Evidence Supports Welling as an Outcrop-Related Base Camp. American Antiquity 86:867-870.

Eren, Metin I, Michelle R. Bebber, Anna Mika, Kat Flood, Leanna Maguire, Dusty Norris, Alyssa Perrone, Damon A. Mullen, Scott Centea, Chase Centea, Bob Christy, Rami Daud, Jermaine Jackson, Robert J. Patten, Brian G. Redmond, Briggs Buchanan, RichardHaythorn, G. Logan Miller, Mark A. Conaway, Rebecca Biermann Gürbüz, Stephen J. Lycet, J. David Kilby, Brian Andrews, Brandi MacDonald, Matthew T. Boulanger, and David J.Meltzer 2021 The Nelson stone tool cache, North-Central Ohio, U.S.A.: Assessing its cultural affiliation. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 37.

Eren, Metin, Damon Mullen, Linda Spurlock, Bob Christy, G. Logan Miller, Briggs Buchanan, Jennifer Bush, and Michelle R. Bebber 2021 Technical Descriptions of Artifacts from the Dresden Mound Cache, Ohio. Current Research In Ohio Archaeology 2021.

Boulanger, Matthew T., G. Logan Miller, Philip Fisher 2021 A collection of early Holocene flaked-stone crescents from the northern Great Basin Journal Of Archaeological Science: Reports 37: 10.1016/j.jasrep.2021.103005

Miller, G. Logan 2021 Ritual, Labor Mobilization, and Monumental Construction in Small-Scale Societies: The Case of Adena and Hopewell in the Middle Ohio River Valley, with comments and reply. Current Anthropology 62:164-197.

Boulanger, Matthew, Robert J. Patten, Brian N. Andrews, Michelle R. Bebber, Briggs Buchanan, Ian Jorgeson, G. Logan Miller, Metin I. Eren, and David J. Meltzer. 2021 Antelope Springs: A Folsom Site in South Park, Colorado. PaleoAmerica 7:114-132.

Mullen , Damon, G. Logan Miller, Briggs Buchanan, Fernando Diez-Martin, Todd St. John, Metin I. Eren, Michelle R. Bebber 2021 Late Archaic and Early Woodland Stone Tools from Killbuck, Holmes County, Ohio. Current Research in Ohio Archaeology.

Perrone, Alyssa, Michelle R. Bebber, Matthew Boulanger, Briggs Buchanan, G. Logan Miller, Brian G. Redmond, Metin I. Eren. 2020 Description, Geometric Morphometrics, and Microwear of Five Clovis Fluted Projectile Points from Lucas and Wood Counties, Northwest Ohio, USA. Journal of Paleolithic Archaeology 3:1034-1047.

Henry, Edward R., & G. Logan Miller 2020 Toward a Situational Approach to Understanding Middle Woodland Societies in the North American Midcontinent. Midcontinental Journal of Archaeology 45:187-202.

Miller, G. Logan 2020 Bladelets and Middle Woodland Situations in Southern Ohio. Midcontinental Journal of Archaeology 45:226-242.

Ashley R. Rutkoski, G. Logan Miller, Leanna Maguire, Metin I. Eren, and Michelle R. Bebber 2020 The Effect of Heat on Lithic Microwear Traces: An Experimental Assessment. Lithic Technology 45:38-47.

Miller, G. Logan, Robert G. McCullough, B. Jacob Skousen 2019 A Wall-Trench Structure from the Langford Tradition Village of Noble- Wieting (11ML24), McLean County, Illinois. Illinois Archaeology 31:1-29

Eren, Metin I., G. Logan Miller, Briggs Buchanan, Matthew T. Boulanger, Michelle R. Bebber, Brian G. Redmond, Charles “Chuck” Stephens, Lisa Coates, Patricia Boser, Becky Sponseller, Matt Slicker 2019      The Black Diamond Site, Northeast Ohio, U.S.A.: A New Clovis Occupation in a Proposed Secondary Staging Area. Journal of Paleolithic Archaeology 2:211-233.

Kirgesner, Samantha, Michelle R. Bebber, Ashley Rutkoski, G. Logan Miller, Metin I. Eren
2019      Toward recognizing the Prehistoric Butchery of Frozen Meat: An Archaeological Experiment and Stone Tool Microwear Analysis. Lithic Technology 44:1-7.

Miller, G. Logan, Michelle R Bebber, Ashley Rutkoski, Richard Haythorn, Matthew T Boulanger, Briggs Buchanan, Jennifer Bush, C Owen Lovejoy, Metin I Eren
2019      Hunter-gatherer gatherings: stone-tool microwear from the Welling Site (33-Co-2), Ohio, USA supports Clovis use of outcrop-related base camps during the Pleistocene Peopling of the Americas. World Archaeology 51:47-75

Miller, G. Logan, & Tyler R. E. Heneghan 2018      Spracklen (33GR1585): New Insights into Short-Term Middle Woodland Sites in the Uplands. Journal of Ohio Archaeology 5:1-15.

Miller, G. Logan
2018      Microwear Analysis of Hopewell Bladelets from Two Sites Associated With the Stubbs Earthworks, Southwest Ohio. Midcontinental Journal of Archaeology 43:281-297

Eren, Metin I., Michelle R Bebber, G Logan Miller, Briggs Buchanan, Matthew Boulanger, Robert J Patten
2018      Description, morphometrics, and microwear of Late Pleistocene-Early Holocene artifacts from Southwestern Kentucky, USA. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 20:516-523.

Miller, G. Logan
2018      Hopewell Bladelets: A Bayesian Radiocarbon Analysis. American Antiquity ​83:224-243.

Metin I. Eren, Briggs Buchanan, Brian G. Redmond, James K. Feathers, G. Logan Miller, Brian N. Andrews2018     Thermoluminescence (TL) and Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) Dating of Two Burned Clovis Wyandotte Chert Lithic Specimens from Paleo Crossing ( 33ME274 ), Ohio, U.S.A. Lithic Technology 48:18-25.

Metin I. Eren, Brian G. Redmond, G. Logan Miller, Briggs Buchanan, Matthew T. Boulanger, Brooke Morgan, Michael J. O’Brien
2018     The Paleo Crossing Site (33ME274): A Clovis Site in Northeastern Ohio. In: J.A.M. Gingerich (ED), In the Eastern Fluted Point Tradition, Volume 2. pp. 186-209. University of Utah Press.

Angelia Werner, Kathleen Jones, G Logan Miller, Briggs Buchanan, Matthew T Boulanger, Alastair J.M. Key, Crystal Reedy, Michelle R Bebber, Metin I Eren
2017     The morphometrics and microwear of a small Clovis assemblage from Guernsey County, Southeastern Ohio, USA. Journal of archaeological Science: Reports 15:318-329.

Miller, G. Logan
2017     No Smoking Please? Campus Cigarette Butt Collection as an Archaeological Field Exercise. Journal of Archaeology and Education 1.

Bebber, Michelle R., G. Logan Miller, Matthew T. Boulanger, Brian N. Andrews, Brian G. Redmond, Donna Jackson, and Metin I. Eren.
2017     Description and Microwear Analysis of Clovis Artifacts on a Glacially-Deposited Secondary Chert Source Near the Hartley Mastodon Discovery, Columbiana County, Northeastern Ohio, U.S.A. Journal of Archaeological Science:Reports 12:543-552.

Eren, Metin I., Brian G. Redmond, G. Logan Miller, Briggs Buchanan, Matthew T. Boulanger, Ashley Hall, Lee Hall
2016    The Wauseon Clovis Fluted Point Preform, Northwest, Ohio, U.S.A.: Observations, Geometric Morphometrics, Microwear, and Toolstone Procurement Distance. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports. 10:147-154.

Miller, G. Logan
2016    MANA from Heaven: Testing the Utility of Minimum Analytical Nodule Analysis at large,         repeatedly reoccupied ceremonial sites. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 8:1-10.

Miller, G. Logan and Brian G. Redmond
2016    Smudge Pits and Stone “Drills”: The Use of Chipped Stone Tools at Burrell Orchard. Lithic Technology 42:164-178. 

Miller, G. Logan
2015     Ritual Economy and Craft Production in Small-Scale Societies: Evidence from Microwear Analysis of Hopewell Bladelets. Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 39: 124-138.

Miller, G. Logan
2014    Lithic Microwear Analysis as a Means to Infer Production of Perishable Technology: A Case from the Great Lakes. Journal of Archaeological Science 49:292- 301.

Miller, G. Logan
2014     Ohio Hopewell Ceremonial Bladelet Use at the Moorehead Circle, Fort Ancient. Midcontinental Journal of Archaeology 39:83-102.

Miller, G. Logan
2013    Illuminating Activities at Paleo Crossing (33ME274) through Microwear Analysis. Lithic Technology 38:97-108.

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