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Publications and Preprints​

  • Vertex operator algebras, generalized doubles and dual pairs (with C. Dong), Mathematische Zeitschrift 241, 397-423 (2002).
  • The relationship between skew group algebras and orbifold theory, Journal of Algebra 256, 502-517 (2002).
  • $C_2$-cofiniteness of the vertex operator algebra $V_L^+$, Communications in Algebra 38, 927-954 (2004).
  • On certain vertex algebra and their modules associated with vertex algebroids (with H. Li), Journal of Algebra 283, 367-398 (2005).
  • Twisted modules of vertex algebras associated with vertex algebroids (with H. Li), Pacific Journal of Mathematics, 220, No. 1, 1999-222 (2007).
  • Vertex Poisson Algebras associated with Courant Algebroids, Communications in Algebra, 35, No. 12, 4137-4162 (2007).
  • Classification of irreducible modules of a vertex algebra $V_L^+$ when $L$ is a nondegenerate even lattice of an arbitrary rank, Journal of Algebra 320, 2455-2480 (2008).
  • Book Review: The Beautiful Monster, Educational Studies in Mathematics 70, 295-298 (2009).
  • Rationality of the vertex algebra $V_L^+$ when $L$ is a nondegenerate even lattice of arbitrary rank, Journal of Algebra 321, 1005-1015 (2009).
  • $C_2$-cofiniteness of the vertex algebra $V_L^+$ when $L$ is a non-degenerate even lattice (with Jitjankarn ), Communications in Algebra 38, 4404-4415(2010).
  • Leibniz algebras and Lie algebras (with Mason), SIGMA, 9(2013), 063, 10 pages.
  • On the structure on $\mathbb{N}$-graded Vertex Operator Algebras (with Mason), Developments and Retrospectives in Lie Theory, Algebraic Methods, Developments in Mathematics, Volume 38, Springer 2014 Edition, 247-274.
  • Characterizations of Mersenne and 2-rooted primes (with Chebolu, and Lockridge), Finite Fields and Their Applications35 (2015) 330-351.
  • N=2 and N=4 subalgebras of super vertex operator algebras (with G. Mason, M. Tuite), Journal of Physics A:Mathematical and Theoretical, Vol. 51 (2018), no. 6, 064001, 22 pp. 
  • Mathieu-Zhao Subspaces of Vertex Algebras, Journal of Algebra and Its Application (2019) 1950225 (16 pages), DOI: 10.1142/S0219498819502256.​
  • On Indecomposable non simple $\mathbb{N}$-graded Vertex Algebras associated (with P. Jitjankarn), Journal of Algebra, 557 (2020) 181-210.​ 
  • On Indecomposable $\mathbb{N}$-graded Vertex Algebras associated with Vertex Algebroids (with P. Jitjankarn), Journal of Algebra, 560 (2020) 791-817.​
  • Vertex algebroids and conformal vertex algebras associated with simple Leibniz algebras (with T. Bui), Journal of Algebra 586 (2021) 357-401.
  • Decompositions of index one Jacobi forms into N=4 characters and formulas for mock modular forms (with M. Krauel, G. Mason and M. Tuite), arXiv: 2103.04561 [math.NT].
  • On rationality of $\mathbb{C}$-graded vertex algebras and its applications to Weyl vertex algebras under conformal flows (with K. Barron, K. Batistelli, F. Orosz Hunziker, and V. Pedic’ Tomic’), Journal of Mathematical Physics (2022), DOI: 10.1063/5.0117895
  • On $\mathbb{N}$-graded vertex algebras associated with cyclic Leibniz algebras with small dimensions (with C. Barnes, E. Martin and J. Service), Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra 228 (2024) 107439.

Edited Volumes

  • Vertex Operator Algebras, Number Theory and Related Topics (co-editor with M. Krauel, and M. Tuite), Contemporary Mathematics, Volume 753, American Mathematical Society, Providence, RI, 2020 (250 pages). 
  • Vertex Operator Algebras and Related Areas (co-editor with M. Bergvelt, and W. Zhao), Contemporary Mathematics, Volume 497, American Mathematical Society, Providence, RI,  2009 (227 pages).

Grants and Fellowships

  • Summer for Women in Mathematics (SWiM) Research Program Award (2020), Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (MSRI), Reschedules for Summer 2021 (with D. Addabbo, and K. Barron).
  • Research group leaders grant from Women in Mathematical Physics workshop from Banff International Research Station for Mathematical Innovation and Discovery, Alberta, Canada, September 20-25, 2020 (with K. Barron).
  • Grant from National Science Foundation, 2018-2019 (with M. Krauel). 
  • SQuaRE grant from the American Institute of Mathematics (with M. Krauel, G. Mason and M. Tuite), 2017-2020.
  • Collaboration Grant for Mathematics from the Simons Foundation, 07/01/2011-08/31/2017
  • Grant from National Science Foundation, 03/01/08-02/28/10 (with W. Zhao)
  • Illinois State University Pre-Tenure Faculty Initiative Grant, Summer 2006
  • Illinois State University New Faculty Initiative Grant, Summer 2005
  • Mentoring Travel Grant from Association for women in Mathematics, Spring 2003
  • Research Postdoc​toral Fellowship from MSRI, Spring 2002
  • Doctoral Student Sabbatical Fellowship from University of California at Santa Cruz, Spring 2001
  • Graduate Fellowship from the Fields Institute, Fall 2000
  • The Development and Promotion of Science and Talents Projects Fellowship from the Government of Thailand, 1992-2001

Research Conferences Organized/Co-organized 

  •  International Conference on Vertex Operator Algebras, Number Theory and Related Topics on the occasion of Geoffrey Mason’s 70th birthday, California State University, Sacramento, June 11-June 15, 2018 (co-organizers: M. Krauel and M. Tuite). ​
  • International Conference on Vertex Operator Algebras and Related Areas, Illinois State University, July 7- July 11, 2008 (co-organizers: M. Bergvelt and W. Zhao)
  • Workshop on Vertex operator algebras, Illinois State University, November 4, 2006 (co-organizer: W. Zhao)
  • Organizer for the Algebra Seminar, Illinois State University, Fall 2006- Spring 2007, Fall 2016-present.
  • American Mathematical Society sectional meeting Special Session on Lie Algebras, Conformal Field Theory and Related topics, SUNY at Binghamton, October 11- October 12, 2003 (co-organizers: A. Feingold,  and C. Dong)
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