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Jeff E. Barrett

Jeffrey E. Barrett is a Professor of Mathematics Education and Associate Director of the Center for Mathematics, Science and Technology at Illinois State University. 

Teaching Interests:

Since 1997, I have taught a variety of courses including content courses for non-majors, methods courses for undergraduate majors, courses designed for practicing teachers, and graduate courses for Ph.D. or Masters -level students. I am interested in teaching about cognition and measurement, as well as the content of geometric reasoning. I am also interested in teaching about the use of dynamic computer tools for pedagogy such as dynamic geometry software in K-12 schooling.​

My Research Interests Include:

My interests include the learning and teaching of the mathematics of measurement, geometric reasoning, the use of computer software to model mathematical ideas, and the professional development of teachers engaged in teaching elementary and middle-school level mathematics or science. I am currently Principal Investigator of a four-year project, Learning Trajectories to Support the Growth of Measurement Knowledge: Pre-K through Middle School in collaboration with Douglas Clements and Julie Sarama at the University of Denver along with Craig Cullen, a colleague at Illinois State University.Barrett recently completed a related four-year project: A Longitudinal Examination of Children’s Developing Knowledge of Measurement: Mathematical and Scientific Concept and Strategy Growth from Pre-K to Grade 5. This project was also a collaboration with Douglas Clements and Julie Sarama at the University of Denver. Both projects are part of the Discovery Research K-12 Program of the National Science Foundation.


Contact Me:

Jeff Barrett
Department of Mathematics
Illinois State University
Campus Box 4520
Phone: (309) 438-7849​

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