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Jeff B. Helms, PhD

My name is Dr. Jeff B. Helms, I prefer Jeff by the way, and work in the School of Biological Sciences. 

As the Pre-Health Professions advisor, BSC 101 Course Director and Instructional Assistant Professor my responsibilities cover a broad range of areas. Any given day I will be working on teaching, coordination of the largest non-majors class in the School of Biological Sciences and advising, both academic and pre-health professions advising, a little over 200 biology and MCB majors. I must admit I am rarely bored.

Jeff B. Helms, PhD

My Teaching Interests Include:

   Coming Soon… 

My Research Interest​s Include:

  • Membrane transport
  • Cellular ionic homeostasis​
  • Membrane lipid symmetry
  • Cellular physiology
  • Cardiac physiology 
  • Technology and teaching within the undergraduate biology curriculum

Upcoming Speaking Events:

  • Milner Library, ISU, Fall 2012
  • Buzz Aldrin Library, Mars, Fall 2013
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