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Below are brief descriptions and some samples of syllabi I have used for courses. For my day-to-day course management I utilize Blackboard.​

​Courses I Regularly Teach:

SOA 271 – Introduction to Social Research

This course is a convergence of theory and research. It focuses on the design of inquiry, measurement, survey design, data collection, analysis and interpretation. The course culminates in the development of a research proposal. 

Sample SOA 271 Syllabus (contact instructor for copy)SOA 240 – People in Places: Understanding and Developing Community

This course focuses on the analysis of how external and internal forces affect communities and their residents. An emphasis is placed on developing an understanding of how people create community and a comparison of rural-urban communities. 

Sample SOA 240 Syllabus (PDF)SOA 477 – Community Project Design and Management

This course emphasizes planning and implementation skills for leadership of community development projects. The elements of the course focus on applied research, group processes, budget management, and grant writing.

Sample SOA 477 Syllabus (PDF)SOA 330 – Society and Environment

This course has three primary objectives: First, it provides a critical examination of the broader theoretical frameworks that have informed human’s relationship with nature and how these have changed over time within the field of sociology. This includes how we socially construct nature and how the natural world influences us. Second, it examines the role of social/political/economic organization in the evolution and definition of environmental problems. Third, it examines how questions of inequality, race, class, ethnicity, gender, globalization, power and community are interrelated with the physical environment. 

Sample SOA 330 Syllabus (PDF)

Other Courses I Have Taught​:

  • Contemporary Social Problems in a Global Perspective
  • Rural Sociology
  • Population and Environment
  • Population and Society
  • Special Topics Seminar: Agriculture, Food, and Development
  • Special Topics Seminar: Sociology of Environment and Climate Change
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