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Learning & Cognition


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Description Of the Course

The purpose of the course is to introduce the student to the science of learning and cognition and the basic theoretical assumptions underlying the practice of such science. I have approached the topic from many different levels of scale (i.e., biological, behavioral, perceptual, cognitive, and social). This is meant to reflect both the diverse constellation of student interests, as well as a personal belief that the factors critical to learning and cognition depend somewhat upon the level of scale one is investigating. Over the course of the semester the student will attempt to integrate the findings from these various areas of research in order to incorporate them into his/her own working definition of learning and cognition. This course also meets certain of the objectives for the doctoral degree in School Psychology, including an emphasis on the history of the science of learning and cognition. A list of the remaining School Psychology objectives achieved by this class is attached to the end of this syllabus. Objectives accomplished by this course are written in bold type​.

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