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Krzysztof M. Ostaszewski

Distinguished Professor of Mathematics
Actuarial Program Director
Illinois State University
Normal, IL 61790-4520, U.S.A.

Office Location

Stevenson Hall, room 313G

Contact Information

Tel: 1-309-438-7226
Fax: 1-309-438-5866


You can make an appointment with Dr. Krzysztof Ostaszewski

So … You Want to Know How to Pass Actuarial Exams?

Advice from Professor Krzysztof Ostaszewski

All information contained here is, to our best knowledge, correct, but it is merely a representation, and should not be considered to be any form of professional advice. This electronic publication should not be misconstrued as the official position of Illinois State University, or its Department of Mathematics. We are glad to provide as much information as possible here, but we kindly ask that in any decision related to matters listed here you seek additional counsel and information. Comments on this Home Page are welcome and should be sent to Dr. Krzysztof Ostaszewski  at his e-mail address:

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