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Curriculum Vitae of Krzysztof Ostaszewski

Education and professional certifications of Dr. Ostaszewski are listed here.



Achievements in Academia

Achievements in the Industry

  • As the Research Director for Life Insurance and Pensions at the Geneva Association, organized two major conferences (an international research conference in Geneva in December 2012, and an international research roundtable in New York in December 2013), helped create a major research monograph, edited a research journal special edition, and edited a newsletter of the program.
  • Instructor for the New England Actuarial Seminars, taught the material on professional actuarial examinations 2, 3, 4, Society of Actuaries 6, and 8 (Retirement Benefits) as well as Casualty Actuarial Society 8. Instructor for the Society of Actuaries Course 7 Applied Modeling seminar. Past instructor for the Actex Asset-Liability Management seminar and the Study Seminar for Financial Analysts at the University of Windsor.
  • Provided quantitative, statistical, and educational consulting services since 1991. Clients included Hilliard-Lyons, Brown-Forman, Invesco, Primco Capital Management, Ministry of Labor of the Republic of Poland, Commission for Financial Supervision of the Republic of Poland, and others.
  • Member of the Board of the Louisville Society of Financial Analysts and Treasurer 1997-1999.
  • Registered Investment Adviser 1996-1998. Successfully managed $3 million combined portfolio for individual clients.
  • Member of the Investment Committee of the Ursuline Campus Schools in Louisville (pro bono), 1996-1998.
  • Performed regulatory cash flow testing and strategic profit testing at Providian Capital Management (now a part of Aegon USA) for 1993 and 1994. This involved constructing long-term models for the whole company and analysis of the their evolution under varying economic scenarios. Upgraded the previously existing models of assets and liabilities, and added new ones for mortgage derivative securities (Collateralized Mortgage Obligations and others), Small Business Administration pools, Non-Durational Asset Strategies (various derivative investments), reverse mortgages, stocks, preferred stocks, high yield bonds, swaps and other hedges, TRAC Guaranteed Investment Contracts (indexed to S&P 500 or Shearson Lehman Bonds Index), and Trust Guaranteed Investment Contracts (synthetic GIC).
  • Cooperated in the study of duration, convexity, embedded options value, and overall market value for the existing block of retail annuity and life insurance at Providian Capital Management.
  • Created a theoretical framework for testing and benchmarking of Providian’s Alternative Investment Strategies (derivative instruments), and then implemented the tests for regular use.
  • Created a plan for the interest rates modeling analytics and long-term economic analysis of the company for the computer system under development at Hartford Life Insurance Companies.
  • Regular contributor to the Polish Personal Finance Newsletter Sukces published in New York in the period 1991-2006.
  • Writer of a column “Fall in Love with Capitalism” for Echo Polish Weekly in Toronto, Canada, in the period 1987-1991.

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