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Lucian Miti Ionescu, Professor of Mathematics

I am a teacher, researcher and scientist and father of two wonderful children, now adults … and in my free time, an artist and sportive …

Learning and Research Carrier

Fortunate to learn Computer Science and train as an Analyst Programmer in High School, Mathematics at Bucharest University and Kansas State, i had an attraction for Quantum Physics since mid school; my dream was to understand unify fundamental interactions (and i did!). I knew Gravity is the key, and i recently formulated a new theory, consistent with the former unification: Unified Field Theory, Gravity, Alzofon-Ionescu Theory of Gravity.

My research targets the fundamental aspects in Mathematics and in Physics, as the basis to explain Biology and what the basis for life itself is (Biofields, chi/qi/prana etc.). For this, Computer Science is mandatory, especially Quantum Computing. I enjoy providing philosophical connotations, learning from the ancient knowledge a thing or two 😉 if interested, visit my Research tab.

More can be found at ISU and externally, to avoid the current stagnation and censure of critiques :).

Teaching Carrier at Illinois State

I taught a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses, conducted independent studies, summer research schools etc.

… what next? Sharing what i accumulated: Mainstream Math / PhysicsPioneering research; and more research (my “second nature” by now; not sure? just chat with me :).

My Infinity milestones!
My ISU MileStones – one more for the Glove!

… it takes time to migrate from my good old web site developed over 20 years of hard work 🙂 yet still accessible at my 2nd learning, mentoring and research site: Institute des Hautes Etude Scientifiques (IHES), France – see this – where i had the honor of being a guest of Fields medalist Maxim Kontsevich many times (thank you!).

Education at a Glance (see CV 2023 for details):
– Software Analyst-Programmer, Math: M.S. (BU, KS), Ph.D. (KS; advisor Louis Crane, co-advisor and mentor: Yan Soibelman), Principal Scientific Researcher (Certification as a Researcher: I, II & Principal; similar to “tenured/assoc. & Prof., but for Research Institutes in Europe).
– Mentors (Beyond Ph.D.): Saunders MacLane, Jim Stasheff, Yuri Manin, Maxim Kontsevich.
– Self-development: Learn, Research & Develop everyday (thousands of articles read, hundreds of articles written, research journey books etc.), in Math, Phys, Chemistry, Biology, Quantum Computing, History, Philosophy etc.

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