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Webcam – Adesso CyberTrack H3 720p

Overall: this camera is OK for meetings and lectures where an instructors face is all that needs to be seen. The camera is not good enough to capture fine details like writing on a dry erase or chalk board, fine details in facial reactions or lips, or other details in physical things.

Adesso reps passed along a firmware upgrade for this camera – the following is a video recorded with Windows Camera app after upgrading the firmware.

Originally, I stated that this camera was not suitable for lecture recording, OK for occasional meetings where a clear image and clear audio are not important. I’ve not come to realize that some of this was caused by Zoom Cloud destroying video quality.

Still, the biggest con is that the camera needs to be about three feet away from the speaker to capture a full face/head. The biggest pro is still that the camera is not expensive.

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