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Your favorite Event-Con has probably gone virtual, and ISU is no different.

Presenting the first ever ReggieCon!

Illinois State University is bringing the “Con” tradition to Normal, with ReggieCon!

ReggieCon 2020-2021 focuses on the depictions of race, gender, and ethnicity in comics, graphics novels, movies, and other popular media.

Visit the ReggieCon Merchandise Shop!

A portion of the proceeds from each order placed here will go to the Red and White Scholarship Fund, which provides support to Redbird students with demonstrated need and/or high academic achievement. All orders will be shipped once the store is closed on December 11.


Upcoming ReggieCon Events

February 2021

Black History Month

To Live as One Tribe: Wakanda For All!

March 2021

Women’s History Month

Wonder Woman: Lassoing the Truth about Gender

April 2021

Diversity Month

Mutant and Proud: Diversity in the World of X-Men!

May 2021

Asian Pacific Heritage Month

Eyes Unclouded by Hate: The Spirit of Hayao Miyazaki!


September 2020

Recognizing Hispanic Heritage Month

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