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— Program Schedule —

Monday, April 12, 2021

2:30 PM

Title: Deconstructing Home and Family
Moderated by: Prof. Bridget Sundin (WGSS)

Presenter: Cheyenne Flores, “Counternarrative of Identity in Womanhood and Queerness During Covid”

Presenter: Elisa Ruiz Tinajero, “Creando Mi Familia: Una Vida Sin Camino Claro”

Presenter: Shahrbanoo Hamzeh, “Delightful Scars”
• Funded in part by Illinois State University Friends of the Arts
6:30 PM

Title: Retracing Histories, Reclaiming Realities: Creative Writers Crossing the Boundaries of Language and Identity
Moderated by: Dr. Ela Przybylo (ENG)

Presenter: Eric Pitman, “Dustroad Ravels​”

Presenter: Samantha Moe, “Swamphouse”

Presenter: Edcel J. Cintron Gonzalez, “From The Island of Enchantment to Normal: Transition; Does my Intersectionality Confuse You?; I Guess You Followed Me at the Party”

Presenter: Nina Hanee Jang, “South”

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

10:00 AM

Title: Feminist Criminal Justice
Moderated by: Dr. Jason Whitesel (WGSS/SOA)

Presenter: Courtney Ebersole, “Law and Disorder: Provocation Defenses, Sociobiology, and Constructions of Masculinity ”

Presenter: Marina James, “Dire Straits for Trans Women in Men’s Prisons: The Cases of Strawberry Hampton and Tayvia Tate in Illinois”

2:30 PM

Title: Power in Art & Design
Moderated by: Dr. Melissa Johnson (ART)

Presenter: Emma Oliver, “Where My Power Is”

Presenter: Laura Phillips, “Intimacy Coordinators: A Much Needed Change”

Presenter: Molly Perling, “Dressing for Her: An Overview of Butch/Femme Fashion”

Presenter: Dorothy Stone, “Digital Rhetorics by Design: Interrogating the Myth of the Normal Person”

7:00 PM

Keynote: Dr. Tristen Johnson, “(Re)Writing Black Women Back into the Narrative: Tools for Well-Meaning “Allies” to Reconcile, Rebuild, and Recover”

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

10:00 AM

Title: Higher Education: Beyond the Surface
Moderated by: Dr. Gavin Weiser (EAF)

Presenter: Kaytee Johns and Meaghan Lynch, “Theory of Relationship Development for First-Generation Women Students”

Presenter: Kevin Goffard, “Exploring Gay & Lesbian Politics in Higher Education: A look at Student Affairs,”

Presenter: Jess Coates and Gracie Nilsson, “Not Too Big to Think: Challenging Systems of Oppression Against Students of Size”

2:30 PM

Title: Activist Interventions in Queer and Feminist Texts
Moderated by: Dr. Erika Sparby (ENG)

Presenter: Bryanna Tidmarsh, “Ethical Representations of Activist Movements in Picture Books”

Presenter: Sanam Shahmiri, “Activist Storytelling Subdued through Translation: The Silencing of Shahrzad”

Thursday, April 15, 2021

10:00 AM

Title: Transnational Feminisms
Moderated by: Dr. Dawn Beichner (CJS)

Presenter: Anna Ortiz, “A Case For Hondureña Liberation in Postcolonial Ecofeminism”

Presenter: Kosiso Madu, “Intersectionality Through the Lens of Non-Western Women”

2:30 PM

Title: Gender and Justice
Moderated by: Dr. Dawn Beichner (CJS)

Presenter: Loretta Addo-Danso, “Examining Women of Color’s Experience with Intimate Partner Violence and the Criminal Justice System’s Response Through the Lens of Intersectionality: A Literature Review”

Presenter: Nastasha Powers, “A Call to Validate, A Call to Heal, A Call to Report!”

Presenter: Pious D. Maedzenge, “Parenting Experiences of Women in Prison”

Presenter: Tyler S. Smith, “The Efficacy of “Say[ing] Her Name”: How Highlighting the Invisibility of Black Women as Victims of Police Brutality Could Help Liberate Us from the Bondage of Policing”

6:30 PM

#SayHerName Dance Performance and Discussion

Choreographed by: Professor Laina Carney

Performed by: Mariana Cantu, Alyssa Fuentes, Resha Holmes, Cait McGee, and Katie Thomas

Friday, April 16, 2021

10:00 AM

Title: Power of Representations of Identity
Moderated by: Dr. Shannon Epplett (THE)

Presenter: Dani Park, “Network of Normalcy and the Radicality of Gender”

Presenter: Tamanna Tasmin, “Hijab Beyond Identity: Muslim Women’s Use of Media to Reconcile the Stereotype – A Feminist Critical Analysis”

Presenter: Wesley Skym, “More Than the Label: Representing Non-Binary Sexualities in Television”

2:30 PM

WGSS Scholarship and Awards Ceremony
Grace Bartlett, Opening Remarks, “Admiration and Thanks to WGSS”

Presentation of Scholarships and Awards
• Luellen Laurenti Scholarship
• Dorothy E. Lee Scholarship
• Anne M. Semlak Memorial Scholarship

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