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Getting Access to Creative Cloud

Illinois State University offers access to Adobe Creative Cloud at no cost to Students, Faculty, and Staff.

For Students:

Students can request access to the Adobe applications for downloading to their personal computer by submitting a request form. This form can be found here or by clicking the button above.

For Faculty and Staff:

Members of the faculty and staff do not need to submit a request to access Adobe applications. To download the Adobe applications, log in to your ILSTU account on Adobe’s website. You can access the log-in page here or by clicking the button above.

Adobe Creative Campus

On January 27, 2021 Adobe declared Illinois State University a Creative Campus. The new distinction puts Illinois State in select company and makes it the only university in Illinois to currently hold the title. 

Being named a Creative Campus recognizes Illinois State‚Äôs commitment to digital literacy and to teaching creative and persuasive digital communication skills. The University has demonstrated a pledge to achieving strategic goals and student outcomes related to digital literacy, including integration of Adobe Creative Cloud into cross-disciplinary curricula as well as collaborations with other institutions sharing content and best practices. 

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