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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Adobe Creative Cloud free?

A: Yes!  Adobe Creative Cloud is available at no additional cost for ISU Students, Faculty, Staff and Graduate Assistants.

Q: How do I install Adobe Creative Cloud?

A: Faculty, Staff, and GAs may contact their local IT team, who will install Adobe’s Creative Cloud installer application on their University-owned computer for them. Students will find installation instructions in the following knowledge article, Downloading Adobe Creative Cloud Applications.

Q: How long does student download access last?

A: The ability for students to download and access Adobe software on their personal computers will expire at the conclusion of the Spring semester each year (i.e. May 15th). Students enrolled in classes for a future semester may immediately request access for the next year via the request form.

Q: What applications are included with Illinois State University’s Adobe license?

A: Both the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of applications and services and the Document Cloud applications and services are included. For more information about the license, navigate to TechZone’s Adobe Campus License page. Click here​ for a complete list of available applications and services.

Q: There are so many applications in Creative Cloud. How do I know what each one is best used for?

A: This ten minute video does a pretty good job of giving short explanations of the differences in and uses for each of the apps.

Q: Can I install Adobe Creative Cloud on more than one system?

A: Yes, you can install it on up to two systems, ISU-owned or personally-owned computers. Be aware that if you disable cloud storage synchronization, the data files created on each system will not be automatically updated on all systems; they will only be stored on the computer from which they were created.

Q: Can faculty and staff store University data that is classified as “highly restricted” on Adobe’s cloud-based storage?

A: No.  Adobe cloud storage has not been approved for data that falls into the “highly restricted” category. For information on what is considered highly restricted vs. restricted vs. non-restricted data, please see Information Technology policy 9.8.1 at

Q: How do I transfer/migrate files from one account to another?

A: You have the ability to migrate your Adobe Creative Cloud assets to new Creative Cloud free membership accounts. The Creative Cloud free membership includes trial versions of most of Adobe’s creative apps, and you can easily upgrade to get full versions of all the apps and services that were included in your school account.

This will help ensure that you have ongoing access to your creative work and web portfolios — and that you can showcase your work to future employers — once you leave Illinois State University.

Please visit the following URL to start migrating your assets:

Alternatively, Follow this step-by-step guide to use Adobe CC to migrate, or transfer, assets.

Q: What happens to my files stored online in the Adobe Creative Cloud when I graduate or leave Illinois State?

A: Access to files stored in the Adobe Creative Cloud will follow the same pattern as other services such as email, My Illinois State, etc. 12 months after graduating or leaving Illinois State, all account access is deactivated, including access to Adobe Creative Cloud.

To preserve your Adobe files, back them up to your computer. For instructions for backing up your files saved to Creative Cloud, see How to find and manage my files. You must do this prior to your account removal, 12 months after graduation or leaving the university. If you would like to continue using Adobe Creative Cloud after your departure, Adobe has several options available for purchase.

Q: How can I change the language of my Adobe Creative Cloud software?

A: If you’d like to change the language of your software, please view this Adobe article for step-by-step instructions.

Q: I already paid for an Adobe subscription, can I get a refund?

A: You may request a refund. Make sure you download the files you have stored in your Creative Cloud storage to your computer prior to initializing the cancellation of your personal Creative Cloud Account

To request a refund, visit: Cancel Adobe trial or subscription. Include the information that Illinois State University is now providing a student license for you at no charge.

Q: I already have my own Adobe ID, can I use it to work with my files at ISU?

A: Yes and no. It is recommended that if you want to work with files created under your personal Adobe ID, that you store these files in OneDrive for Business rather than on Adobe’s Creative Cloud. Using files created with a personal Adobe ID and then syncing with your ISU Adobe account will cause issues with the licensing on the computer on which you are working. The computer will need to be wiped clean and all of the software will need to be re-installed. THIS IS NOT RECOMMENDED.

Q: What Adobe platforms does Illinois State University have to offer?

A: Illinois State University is one of the only universities in the world to provide Adobe Creative Cloud to their students for free. Students and faculty/staff can utilize any platform they desire as long as they are an active student on campus. Majority of the computer labs consist of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, XD, and Acrobat Pro.

Q: What is the best way to learn Adobe?

A: The best way to learn Adobe is by learning through tutorials, videos, lectures, and workshops. One resource that is provided through Adobe is the addition of student ambassadors at Illinois State University.

Q: What is Adobe Creative Cloud?

A: Adobe Creative Cloud is a platform of applications that promote the ability of graphic design, video editing, photography, and web development to be implemented to create.

Q: What is the Adobe Student Ambassadorship program at Illinois State?

A: The Adobe Student Ambassadorship program at Illinois State University is a group of select students who have a passion to share Adobe products to both the student body and faculty/staff on campus. Their job is to continue promoting Adobe throughout the entire university, through various majors and backgrounds, to inspire the ability to create. If you’re interested in contacting the team or being a part of the team, please contact Rosie Hauck and David Greenfield for more information.

Q: Do you have to be a specific major to use Adobe Creative Cloud products at Illinois State University?

A: Not at all! Adobe Creative Cloud is accessible to all students regardless of major. As long as you’re an active student of Illinois State University, you’re allowed to use Adobe Creative Cloud free of charge.

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