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Undergraduate Courses

​Quantitative Analysis I CHE 215 and CHE 216 Lab

Introduction to analytical chemistry emphasizing quantitative measurements with classical, optical, chromatographic, mass spectrometric, and electrochemical techniques. This class help students to explore fundamentals of chemical anlaysis and analytical chemistry.

Instrumental Analysis I CHE 315 and CHE 316 Lab

Modern instrumental methods of chemical analysis including electroanalytical, spectroscopic, chromatographic, mass spectrometric, surface analytical, and bioanalytical methods. The class covers the physical and chemical basis of these intruments and their components, and explore the instruments’ strengths and limitations in solving analytical problems.

Graduate Courses​

Polymer/Nano Chemistry I CHE 380.23

This nanoscience and polymer chemistry is designed to completement the increasing demands for current nano- and polymer-based science in both the academic and technological fields. The course provides an introduction to the synthesis and characterization of nano/polymer materials as well as their applications.

Surface Analytical Chemistry I CHE 412.07

This class provides an indroduction to the determinationof structure and composition of surfaces by some of the most relevant analytical techniques in varying levles of detial. Examples from the latest literautre will be used throughout the course to illustrate the applciations.

To access all course materials, use the “ReggieNet (login required)” site. 

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