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Peer-reviewed journal articles

2010 – present

Campbell, N.A., Angles, R., Bowden, R.M., Casto, J.M., and Paitz, R.T. (2020). Characterizing the timing of yolk testosterone metabolism and the effects of etiocholanolone on development in avian eggs. Journal of Experimental Biology, 223, jeb210427.

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2000 – 2009 (prior to establishing the Integrative Avian Biology Lab)

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1990 – 1999

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Contributions to edited volumes

Garris, P.A., Greco, P.G., Sandberg, S.G., Howes, G., Pongmaytegul, S., Heidenreich, B.A., Casto, J.M., Ensman, R., Poehlman, J. Alexander, A., and Rebec, G.V. (2007). Chapter 12: In vivo voltammetry with telemetry. In L.M. Borland and A.C.Michael (Eds) Electrochemical Methods for Neuroscience, CRC Press, London, England, pp. 233-259. (color figures).

Ketterson, E.D., Nolan, V. Jr., Casto, J.M., Buerkle, C.A., Clotfelter, E., Grindstaff, J.L., Jones, K.J., Lipar, J.L., McNabb, F.M.A., Neudorf, D.L., Parker-Renga, I., Snajdr, E. and Schoech, S.J. (2001). Testosterone, phenotype, and fitness: a research program in evolutionary behavioral endocrinology. In A. Dawson and C.M. Chaturvedi (Eds) Avian Endocrinology, Narosa Publishing House, New Dehli, India, pp. 19-40.​​​​​​

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