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List of Participants

This list will be updated weekly. If you don’t see your name on this list, please come back and check again later. If you have submitted an abstract but don’t see your name listed here, then you probably still need to register for the conference.

​Name ​Affiliation ​Presenting?
Fatima Akinola University of Florida Yes
Abdulaziz Alotaibi Mississippi State University  
Brian Alspach University of Newcastle Yes
James Anderson Georgia Institute of Technology Yes
Mustafa Atici Western Kentucky University  
Amin Bahmanian Illinois State University  
David Barker Illinois State University  
Stacie Baumann Auburn University Yes
Aathman Bhavaraju Gatton Academy at Western Kentucky University Yes
Isabel Brady-Myerov Vassar College Yes
Ryan Bunge Illinois State University  
Lydia Butters University of Northern Iowa Yes
Kylie Cassulo Illinois State University Yes
Anna Cooper Oklahoma State University Yes
Simone Costa University of Brescia Yes
Craig Cullen Illinois State University  
Abhishek Dhawan Georgia Institute of Technology Yes
Skyler Dodson Illinois State University Yes
Daniel Dominik Illinois Institute of Technology  
Saad El‑Zanati Illinois State University  
Lauren Falck North Fayette Valley High School Yes
Matthew Hendrix Gatton Academy at Western Kentucky University Yes
Marijn Heule Carnegie Mellon University Yes
Dru Horne University of Georgia Yes
Ryota Inagaki University of California, Berkeley Yes
Albert Jiang Plano West Senior High School Yes
Anna Johnsen Georgia State University Yes
Clare Jones Colorado State University Yes
Heather Jordon American Mathematical Society  
Camille Kennedy Northwestern University Yes
Daniel Kessinger Greenville University Yes
Julie Kirkpatrick Cedar Falls High School Yes
Yi-Lin Lee Indiana University at Bloomington Yes
Yifei Li University of Illinois at Springfield Yes
Dan McQuillan Norwich University Yes
James McQuillan Western Illinois University  
Mariusz Meszka AGH University of Science and Technology Yes
Trent Minder Southern Illinois University Edwardsville Yes
Jeffrey Mudrock College of Lake County Yes
Evan Natsis El Paso Gridley High School Yes
Levi Neiburger Normal Community High School Yes
Nicholas Newman Troy University Yes
Tung T. Nguyen Western University/Onepick Inc Yes
Matt Noble Middle Georgia State University Yes
Anita Pasotti University of Brescia Yes
Jawahar Pathak Lincoln University Yes
Mike Plantholt Illinois State University  
Zahid Raza University of Sharjah Yes
Anja Remshagen University of West Georgia Yes
Dan Roberts Illinois Wesleyan University  
Andrew Schwartz Southeast Missouri State University  
Michael Severino Illinois State University Yes
Songling Shan Illinois State University  
Gunjan Sharma Illinois Institute of Technology Yes
Rinovia Simanjuntak Institut Teknologi Bandung Yes
Papa Sissokho Illinois State University  
Kayla Smock Bloomington High School Yes
Dylan Snustad University of Minnesota Yes
Jenna Varnell North Carolina State University Yes
Wannasiri Wannasit Chiang Mai University Yes
Anna Weigandt Massachusetts Institute of Technology Yes
Larry Wilson Center for Communications Research, La Jolla Yes
Nicholas Winschel University of Virginia  
Bryant Xie University of Arkansas Yes
Bailee Zacovic University of Notre Dame Yes
Stephanie Zeppetello East Leyden High School  
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