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Dr. Nathan T. Mortimer

Research Interest​s:

We are broadly interested in understanding cellular immunity and host-parasite interactions at both the organismal and molecular levels. We take an integrative approach, using genetics, cell biology, ecology, and bioinformatics techniques to investigate the Drosophila melanogaster-parasitoid wasp interaction. Projects in the lab include:

  • Regulation of host signaling by parasitoid venom proteins
  • The role of innate immunity in Alzheimer’s Disease pathogenesis
  • Molecular genetics of Drosophila melanogaster cellular immunity
  • Innate immune receptors: missing-self recognition, self-tolerance and autoimmunity

Contact Me:

Nathan T. Mortimer
Assistant Professor of Cellular Immunology
School of Biological Sciences, Illinois State University

Email: ntmorti (at)
Twitter: @NathanTMortimer

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