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The vCOPIAMC program will consist of 4 invited talk sessions, 4 poster discussion sessions and 2 general social sessions. Scroll down for a list of sessions and speakers. A complete abstract book and link to conference posters and talks can be found at the buttons below. Access to the conference content requires a password, which has been sent to registered users.

Invited talks will be presented live via zoom (link provided to registered users) and available on demand for 1 week after each session (through August 5).

Invited posters will be presented through either a short pre-recorded video or a pdf poster.

Contributed posters will be presented as a pdf poster.

All posters will be available to registered participants on demand for 1 week before and after the conference (July 21-August 5). Live zoom discussion sessions will be held during the conference days (July 28, 29) for contributed posters.

Social sessions will be open zoom rooms for any attendees who want to socialize.

Wednesday, July 28

SessionUS CST (UTC-5)Europe CEST (UTC+2)China/Australia (UTC+8)
Posters 16am-7am1pm-2pm7pm-8pm
Social Session 17am-7:45am2pm-2:45pm8pm-8:45pm
Invited Talks 18am-10am3pm-5pm9pm-11pm
Invited Talks 210:15am-12:15pm5:15pm-7:15pm11:15pm-1:15am
Posters 24pm-5pm11pm-12am5am-6am
Posters 35pm-6pm12am-1am6am-7am

Thursday, July 29

SessionUS CST (UTC-5)Europe CEST (UTC+2)China/Australia (UTC+8)
Invited Talks 36am-8am1pm-3pm7pm-9pm
Invited Talks 48:15am-10:15am3:15pm-5:15pm9:15pm-11:15pm
Posters 411am-12pm6pm-7pm12am-1am
Social Session 21pm-2pm8pm-9pm2am-3am

Posters 1, July 28 6am-7am

P1.1 Invited – Rakesh Choubisa
On the electron impact single ionization of Hydrogen molecules by twisted electron

P1.2 Invited – Sebastian Otranto
Continuum-distorted-wave eikonal-initial-state description of the electron-impact ionization of H2O and aligned H2 molecules

P1.3 Invited – Xueguang Ren
Formation of covalently bound C4H4+ upon electron-impact ionization of acetylene dimer

P1.4 Invited – Morgane Vacher*
Cis → Trans Photoisomerisation of Azobenzene

P1.5 Nikita Dhankhar
Electron impact ionization of water molecule by twisted electron impact

P1.6 Reika Kanya
Numerical simulations of laser-assisted electron scattering in a He droplet

P1.7 Yuuki Onitsuka
Investigation of the high energy limit for the plane wave impulse approximation in atomic momentum spectroscopy

P1.8 Neelam Shukla
Study of Electron-Impact Excitation of Highly Charged Tungsten Ions and the Polarization of their Subsequent Photon Emission

P1.9 Noboru Watanabe
Forward-backward asymmetry in electron-impact ionization of CO studied by (e, e+ion) spectroscopy

Social Session 1, July 28 7am-7:45am

An informal zoom session open to all participants.

Invited Talks 1, July 28 8am-10am

Chair Sandra Ward Quintanilla, University of North Texas

8:00am T1.1 Takashi Hiroi
Observation of laser-assisted (e, 2e) process of Ar in intense laser fields

8:30am T1.4 Pengfei Lan
Filming molecular movies with machine-learning-based high harmonic spectroscopy

9:00am T1.3 Markus Schöffler
On the quest for projectile coherence – solving the C6+ mystery

T1.2 Withdrawn Sergey Zaytsev
Laser-assisted elastic electron scattering by Xe in the quasi-Sturmian-Floquet approach.

Invited Talks 2, July 28 10:15am-12:15pm

Chair Omar Fojon, CONICET-UNR

10:15am T2.1 Dmitry Karlovets
Scattering processes with twisted particles carrying orbital angular momentum

10:45am T2.2 Anne Harth
The phase of continuum couplings

11:15am T2.3 Lara Martini
A polarization control study in two-color single ionization of water molecule

11:45am T2.4 R. Esteban Goetz
Quantum Control of entangled photon pair emission in electron-ion collisions by laser-synthesized photoelectron wave packets

Posters 2, July 28 4pm-5pm

P2.1 Invited – Daniel Fischer
Photoionization of polarized lithium atoms out of an all-optical atom trap

P2.2 Invited – Ana Laura Frapiccini
Generalized Sturmians functions in prolate spheroidal coordinates for continuum states

P2.3 Invited – Raul O. Barrachina
Appearance of coherence in initially non-coherent systems

P2.4 Invited – Alejandra Mendez
Scaling rules for the ionization of biomolecules

P2.5 Abdelmalek Taoutioui
Sub-cycle interference phenomena induced by strong and ultrashort laser pulses

Posters 3, July 28 5pm-6pm

P3.1 Invited – Akinobu Niozu
Ultrafast structural dynamics of laser-induced nanoplasma probed by time-resolved X-ray diffraction

P3.2 Invited – Ahmad Sakaamini
Benchmark differential cross section ratios for excitation of the 4p^{6}→4p^{5}5s,5s’[K]_J transition in krypton

P3.3 Juana L. Gervsoni
XPS and Auger processes in 2D materials

P3.4 Aaron Bondy
Emergence of light-induced states in the few-photon ionization of atomic helium

P3.5 Yuichi Tachibana
Development of a general protocol for observing atomic momentum distributions in molecules using electron-atom Compton scattering

Invited Talks 3, July 29 6am-8am

Chair Noboru Watanabe, Tohoku University

6:00am T3.1 V. Yu. Popov
Compton double ionization of helium: experiment, theory, results

6:30am T3.2 Ugo Lorenzo Ancarani
A Sturmian approach to single and double photoionization of molecules

7:00am T3.3 Till Jahnke
Investigating dissociation dynamics of small molecules using COLTRIMS Reaction Microscopes and XFELs

7:30am T3.4 Zhong Yin
Femtosecond Dynamics in Biomolecules Probed with Soft X-ray Spectroscopy

Invited Talks 4, July 29 8:15am-10:15am

Chair Lorenzo Avaldi, CNR-Istituto di Struttura della Materia

8:15am T4.1 James Cryan
Studying Attosecond Electron Dynamics using X-ray Free Electron Lasers

8:45am T4.2 Santwana Dubey
Circular Dichroism in Atomic Resonance-Enhanced Few-Photon Ionization

9:15am T4.3 Arturo Sopena
Asymmetric electron emission in non-linear processes in the X-ray regime

Posters 4, July 29 11am-12pm

P4.1 Invited – Rocío Borrego-Varillas
Few-femtosecond dynamics of CO2 super-excited states

P4.2 Invited – A. I. Bondarev
Electron loss to the continuum in collisions of uranium ions with nitrogen targets

P4.3 Invited – Jacopo Chiarinelli
Photoionization and fragmentation of cyclic dipeptide. An insight on the “origin of life”

P4.4 Invited – Dariusz Piekarski
Polypeptide Formation in Clusters of Beta-Alanine Amino Acids by Single Ion Impact

P4.5 Invited – John Sheil
The contribution to opacity from transitions between multiply-excited states in moderately charged tin ions for EUV nanolithography

P4.6 Invited – Mark Stockett
Competitive Dehydrogenation and Backbone Fragmentation of Super-Hydrogenated Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons: A Laboratory Study

Electron impact fine-structure excitation of Kr+ and polarization study of its subsequent photon emissions

P4.8 Soumaya Manai
Energy levels and collision strengths of He-like Copper

P4.9 Manish Patel
Evolution of the (e,2e) Differential Cross Section of Xenon from Coplanar to the Perpendicular Plane at Intermediate Energies

Social Session 2, July 29 1pm-2pm

An informal zoom session open to all participants.

* Unavailable for zoom session

The organizers of the vCOPIAMC meeting do neither make any warranties about the completeness, reliability and accuracy of the presented content nor will they be liable for inappropriate or illegal use by third parties. The copyright remains with the author.

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