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Actuarial Club

Actuarial Club at Illinois State University is a part of the the Gamma Iota Sigma (GIS) student insurance organization. A student joins the Actuarial Club by joining Gamma Iota Sigma. Actuarial students must remain members in good standing of Gamma Iota Sigma in order to remain active members of the Actuarial Club.

The officers of the Actuarial Club in the 2023/2024 academic year are:

Membership in the Actuarial Club requires attendance of at lest six events of the Club, and at least two of those must be Gamma Iota Sigma events. Membership in the Actuarial Club is required to receive a scholarship from the Actuarial Program.

Access the Actuarial Club Constitution.

Members of the Actuarial Club who want to run for office in the Club, can submit their candidacy.

Students at Illinois State University are also encouraged to join the Younger Actuaries Network, which is a part of the Actuary of the Future Section of the Society of Actuaries, as described here: Students who want to become members of this organization, should submit the form. The cost of this membership is $20 per year, and Illinois State University students who are members of the Actuarial Club and have passed at least one professional actuarial examination will have that fee reimbursed by the Actuarial Program (submit a proof of payment to Actuarial Program Director).

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