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3D Printing Center

The Stein and Vidal-Gadea labs have teamed-up to provide a 3D scanning and printing center available to all labs in our department. 
The Matter and Form 3D Scanner can be used to scan diverse objects or equipment for later modification or printing.
The Robo 3D Printer is a single extruder printer that can handle a wide array of plastic fibers. 
A dedicated computer operates both of these devices and is equiped with 3D editing software for the creation and manipulation of threedimensional objects. 
Increasingly, the affordability of 3D fibers has reduced the cost of printing to the point where common lab objects can be fabricated at a fraction of their retail cost. 3D fiber spools typically retail between $20 and $40/kg (depending on the material), and can be used to print a large number of items. 
We encourage students to come to SLB 338 to become familiarized with the operation and capabilities of these devices.  
Below is a gallery of a few items created by our students.

Matter and Form Scanner and Robo3D Printer are available to all labs in the department.

We use a web-based free software to design and modify our 3D models:

You can also download models from Thingiverse and other websites:

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