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Visitor Art Gallery

We are grateful to the artists at the Illinois State Child Care Center for their precious gifts which adorn our lab!

“This is my garden”

This is my garden. It is raining and the worms are coming up becasue it’s cloudy. It starts raining worms! (Ethan).

“Get some out”

These are worms in the freezer. Dr. ANdres is opening the door to get some out. (Jackson).

“Worm Lab”

Diagram detailing how one gets to the worm lab. (Nora).

“Microscope in the middle”

Accurate depiction of microscope setup at Campus Care Center where the worms were first displayed. (Lewis).

“Ice and Worms”

This is Dr. Andres in his lab. He is looking at his phone before he looks through his microscope. Next to the microscope are little circles that have worms inside them. If you look under the table that the microscoscope is on, you will see fridges. Those fridges (the one closest to the microscope) carry tools to look at the worms. The other fridges carry ice and worms! (Tona).

“One bad guy worm”

There was one bad guy worm that stole a lollipop and hurt another worm. The car down bellow is taking him to the worm hospital. On the second plate a bad worm stole a donut. The top policeworm is chasing after him. (Nolan).

“A little kid worm”

A little kid worm is stuck in a building of fire. He is sticking his head out saying “Help, help over here” and the worm fireman is trying to save him.


Unknown artist.

“Hold the food”

This is the tube that holds the food for the worms.

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