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Welcome to the homepage of the SADD LAB: Infectious Disease Ecology Group at the School of Biological Sciences, Illinois State University. If you would like more information or are interested in joining the group, please email Ben Sadd or contact us at Twitter (@Saddlab)​

Researc​h interests​​

~What are the consequences of infection? ~How do hosts defend themselves against disease? ~What explains variability in disease outcome between individuals, populations and communities?

The SADD LAB addresses these and related questions in an Evolutionary Ecology framework, using a range of whole organism, physiological, genomic and functional genomic approaches. Focuses are on Evolutionary Ecology of Host-Parasite InteractionsHost-Microbiota Interactions, Ecological Immunology, and Native Pollinator Health, but interests are generally broad within Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. More details of research interests can be found here.​​ 

The SADD LAB Fall 2019: (left to right): Austin Calhoun, Ian Rines, Ben Sadd, Kylie Hampton, Kristin Duffield, Audrey Harrod, Earon Grinage, Abe Martinez, Bryan Sierra-Rivera, Logan Sauers, Mikey Williams, Toby Bassingthwaite, Elyse McCormick
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