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The Influence of the Slogan “Women in Business”

By Hayleigh Brokaw

As simple of a phrase as “Women in Business’ ‘ is, it makes a huge impact on different peoples lives. Even though it should be implied that women hold a select and unique role in the business world, it is no secret that it took awhile for us to get here. As a young woman trying to navigate my way into a professional career, it is evident that there are some roadblocks. Luckily for me and women everywhere, there are more roads than roadblocks.

I have found my way into various outlets that support the growth and development of like-minded women in business. I am lucky enough to have experienced such growth in areas that have not exactly welcomed women in the past, such as the sports industry. By trusting me with leadership opportunities and different projects, I was able to form a sense of self that has allowed me to exert confidence stepping forward in my professional field. I have also gathered inspiration from so many female sources inside and outside of my life.

I have been inspired by many friends, family members, bosses, coaches, and co-workers. Everyone has their own select set of skills and characteristics that they bring to the table.By observing, listening and learning from all of these sources, I have been able to acquire new mindsets and ideals towards my working and personal life. Podcasts, books, and speakers are all innovative sources of new learning.

So, even though ‘Women in Business’ shouldn’t be as mind-blowing as it sounds, it truly is. Seeing women of all backgrounds and skills be able to achieve goals unthought of decades ago, it is truly inspiring and empowering as someone trying to get there herself. I have found that the best way to make your mark is not only to stand out, but not to conform. Making my skills and abilities the best they can be, as well as outstanding, is my biggest goal going into my professional and social phases of life. While gaining inspiration for this blog itself, I found this quote that really stuck out to me: “I hope you will find some way to break the rules and make a little trouble out there. And I also hope that you will choose to make some of that trouble on behalf of women.- Nora Ephron, American journalist, writer, and filmmaker.

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