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The Types of People You Will Meet in College and What to Learn from Them

by Hayleigh Brokaw

One of the things that people tend to neglect in their college experience is how important it is to learn from the people around you. It is easy for some to stipulate based on fields of study or other factors, but I find it entirely unnecessary to do so. In fact, with some thinking, there are things I have learned over the past few years.

A good percentage of my friends are education majors. They range from different subjects or concentrations as well as grade levels. Much like other majors, I have found how their different personalities fit so well with the path they are choosing to take. These friends have taught me the value of adversity with the ever-changing standards and procedures expected within the education world; making routine and consistency a difficult thing to plan.

Another common major that surrounds me is nursing. I do not think I have to go into too much detail concerning their profound impact everyday of our lives, as they are such an influential and important part of society in a way similar to teachers. They are faced with similar changes in procedure and constant challenges in healthcare such as lack of staffing, funding, and basic respect for the hard work that they do. This is something, truthfully, that I will most likely never have to experience in my field, and that makes me all the more grateful for their service.

Speech pathology is another field of study that I have grown to learn about from other friends as well. I feel that this field takes a special skill as well, as the integrity of wanting to improve the lives of children with certain impediments is not easy to find. These friends have shown me the value and dedication it takes to be an essential stepping stone in all ages of children and their development.

I have a few science majors as well. I have pre-dental, pre-med, you name it. I have seen some of the hardest majors and hardest workers come out of programs like these. Similar to what I had mentioned in nursing, they will be faced with more real world issues than I may in my world of business and law. These traits are one that I have learned to appreciate, as I feel I would not be able to have the same thickness of skin– and I find that incredibly impressive.

In final, even though this is not directly related to business or marketing, it is related to life. As students and young adults, it is imperative that we all learn to set aside differences or opinions in an effort to learn valuable lessons from each other. Every single one of us encompasses our own special set of traits and work ethic that should be celebrated and shared. So, whether you are surrounded by similar or vastly different friends and colleagues, take a moment to listen and share the abilities and lessons we can all learn to appreciate from each other.

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