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Retired but not retired from Illinois State University

ISU Motto Gladly We Learn and Teach

In my former role, computer and technology + facilities’ support, I worked with faculty to assist with instructional technology. Especially, during the COVID lockdown, when everyone suddenly had to teach online.

I developed 3D printed document cameras, helped with Reggienet and Stream, and more. But then, in August of 2022, I retired.

Now it’s Spring 2023 and I have returned to resume teaching the the 3D printing class. You can find the blog for the class here: BIS 372, the “3D Printing Business Fundamentals” It has just restarted in January 2023 after a long hiatus. .

Accordingly this blog will repurpose, mostly to feature pictures I’ve taken on campus over the years, and reflect on ISU and higher education’s role as an engine in the Illinois Economy.


George Wiman
Instructor, BIS 372
College Of Business, Illinois State University
Email: gawiman@gawiman

I’m going to try and avoid duplicating the excellent resources from CTLT and the Technology Resource Center. Instead, I will link to them below:

The site is built on a WordPress platform, managed by Campus Press.

On this site, I will be making pages and blog posts. My development tools will include J-pop, some death metal, and a smattering of country western.

If you’re looking for my personal blog, it’s at

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