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Video, Streaming, and Websites, Oh My!

This page is intended as a single link to provide an overview for video streaming, creating videos, learning management, and faculty websites.

Video streaming

Uploading video files to Reggienet works, but there are a couple reasons why you shouldn’t do it. First, Reggienet is not a ‘streaming platform’, which means that your site visitors will have to download the entire file, then play it on their computer or phone. Second, this not only uses up your visitors’ bandwidth and hard drive, it’s a poor user experience.

Instead, upload your videos to Microsoft Stream, which is already part of your Office365 account. Then, place a link to the hosted video on Reggienet.

Streaming is the kind of video delivery experience your site visitors are accustomed to, on YouTube and other sites. And Stream is integrated not only into your Office365 account, but also your class roster. A Stream group is automatically created for each one of your classes, with viewing permissions updated from the Registrar’s office.

Here’s the descriptive page:

Creating videos

We also have excellent software options to create videos, depending on your available learning time and the desired result:

  • Stream – While it is for hosting videos, it can also make 15-minute screen captures. This is enough for a narrated PowerPoint or other screen procedure and it’s super easy. 
  • ScreenCast-O-Matic – creation of 30-minute screen capture videos for upload to Stream or other hosting platform
  • Camtasia – creation of videos of any length, with sophisticated editing tools
  • Zoom – for recording meetings and (sort of off-label) creation of simple videos for uploading to Stream or other hosting platform
  • Adobe RUSH – a sophisticated, easy-to-use video editor
  • Adobe Premiere Pro – an extremely sophisticated video editor. I don’t have nearly enough interest in video, however, to mount the necessary learning curve.

I am happy to help you get your site rolling once it is created, to get started creating videos, and hosting them on stream.

Learning Management System, or LMS

Reggienet is the official LMS platform for Illinois State University. Based on the open-source software ‘Sakai’, it is integrated with class rosters, the grading system, and provides multiple workflows essential to both online and in-person class management.

While many online platforms can be used, and some platforms that are not LMS at all can be repurposed, the use of Reggienet gives our students a consistent, branded experience moving from class to class. This is especially crucial during the time in which we must conduct classes online. Also, being the system of record, Reggienet is positioned to receive top priority for restoration to service in the event of a data services emergency.

Faculty, staff, and organization websites

Our campus has a nice platform for faculty and staff websites, and a process for creating them.

The resulting websites are made on the WordPress platform; you’re looking at one now. For individual faculty or staff, the site address is reasonably short, based on your ULID like this:

To request a site, send an email request to Ask them to create a website for you, and give them the following information:

  • Your ULID
  • Your reason for requesting the site

They’ll let you know when the site is created. WordPress is easy to use; our other faculty who have one are very happy with it. The site is publicly visible, and you can link it in your faculty profile, or really anywhere.

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