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Understanding Spatial Patterns of Erosion

Low temperature thermochronometry enables geoscientists to use detrital minerals to trace the bedrock sources of sediment deposits. I apply low temperature apatite thermochronometry to investigate erosion patterns in recent fluvial and glacial deposits.

Ongoing Projects

Evaluation of Apatite Age Distributions Between Gravel and Sand Sediments in Glacial and Fluvial Deposits

Evaluation of knickpoint erosion using rock strength and detrital apatite thermochronology


Tranel, L.M., Spotila, J.A., Kowalewski, M.J., and Waller, C.M., 2011, Spatial variation of erosion in a small, glaciated basin in the Teton Range, Wyoming, based on detrital apatite (U-Th)/He thermochronology, Basin Research, v. 23, 571-590.

Tranel, L.M., 2018,Hillslope coupled stream morphology, flow conditions, and their effects on detrital sedimentology in Garnet Canyon, Teton Range, Wyoming, Geoscience Frontiers, v. 9, p. 1193-1202, 10.1016/j.gsf.2017.07.005. ​

Student Thesis

​Ritchie, Amber J. (2012) The effect of channel morphology and lithology on sediment transport in streams of the Teton Mountain Range, Wyoming, USA

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