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What is Native American Studies?

The minor in Native American Studies is designed to familiarize students with the histories, literatures, cultures, and futures of the indigenous citizens of North America. It will be of interest to students who wish to explore the unique political and social relationship that the First Nations and their members hold with the United States. It provides students with key concepts, information, and a foundation of knowledge rooted in several academic disciplines.

Faculty from the Departments of English, History, Sociology/Anthropology, and from the School of Theatre and Dance participate in this minor.

How to Apply

Students must be in good academic standing with at least a 2.00 GPA. For more information email the Native American Studies Director/Advisor (Susan Kalter) in Stevenson 424J or call at (309) 438-8660.

Applications for the Native American Studies Minor are always being accepted.

Why Study Native American Studies?

The field of Native American Studies focuses on the history, culture, politics, and experiences (past and present) of Native North Americans. 

Each summer students can join our archaeological field schools, focusing either on Cherokee cultures post-1500 with Professor Kathryn Sampeck or on peoples of the Archaic and post-Archaic eras who lived on the Great Lakes through the Grand Island Archaeological Research Program.

Pipeline Activism – Secretary Deb Haaland

Secretary Deb Haaland member of the Laguna Pueblo nation became the first Native American to serve as a cabinet secretary.

Get Involved

TRIBE is an international student organization made up of Indigenous students and allies. We are dedicated to fostering and uplifting the voices and experiences of Native American, Inuit, Métis, Mestizo, Afro-Indigenous, Freedmen, and Pacific Islander heritages and cultures within ISU’s community, as well as the surrounding area. We work to represent misplaced Indigenous people groups, as well as assist in the traditional wardship of their lands.

Contact Us

Susan Kalter

Native American Studies Director/Advisor
Stevenson – STV 424J

Illinois State University
Campus Box 4240
Normal, IL 61790

Call: (309) 438 – 8660

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