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About the Program

Requirements of the Minor in Native American Studies:

Students in this minor will complete a minimum of 18 credit hours in an interdisciplinary core consisting of four courses:  an Interdisciplinary Studies introduction, one course from History, one from the Arts and/or Humanities, and one from Anthropology/Archaeology.

In addition, students take two electives to round out their program. Electives are listed in the catalog and may also be transferred in from other institutions with the approval of the director/advisor.

For specific details, please view the catalog:

Faculty from the Departments of English, History, Sociology/Anthropology, and from the School of Theatre and Dance participate in this minor.

How to Apply

Email the undergraduate advisor:

Susan Kalter

Native American Studies Director/Advisor
Stevenson – STV 424J

Call: (309) 438 – 8660

Applications for the Native American Studies Minor are always being accepted.

Majoring in Native American Studies

Students interested in pursuing a major in this area may arrange their program of study through the Interdisciplinary Studies Major program.  Ask the Native American Studies director/advisor for details.

Affiliated Departments

Students are required to take an interdisciplinary core of four courses from three different departments and from Interdisciplinary Studies. Two electives from the list of electives found in the catalog or from other approved offerings by faculty in the field of Native American Studies may be chosen to round out the plan of study.

In consultation with the director of the program, students may take an Independent Study (287); and/or Professional Practice (298/398) (may be on- or off-campus) and may apply up to 3 hours of either toward the minor.

This program should be planned in consultation with the Native American Studies faculty director. With director approval, courses other than those listed in the catalog including courses in Native languages and other Native American Studies courses approved for transfer from other accredited universities may be counted toward the minor.

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