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Careers for Native American Studies

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What can you do with a Native American Studies degree?

Many students who pursue a degree in Native American Studies enter the program simply because they want to learn more about our continent and its First Peoples present and past, or about their own tribal nation or nations.

After entering the program, these students often find that they want to continue contributing to and learning about Native American communities, sometimes in the form of giving back to the tribe that helped sponsor their education.

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Career Choices

There is a wide variety of careers associated with a minor in Native American Studies.
Students in this area might consider:


  • Elementary, secondary, and higher education
  • Academic Support Services


  • Environmental Protection
  • Land Rights and the Law
  • Sustainable Recreation
  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Business and Economic Development for Tribal Nations

Health Care

  • Nursing and/or Health Care

The Arts

  • Multicultural Theatre, Music, and/or Art
  • Creative, Professional or Technical Writing and Web Design
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