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Students and Post Docs who have moved on

Post doctoral researchers

Marta Grech, Assistant Professor, Facultad de Ciencias Naturales, Sede Esquel, Esquel, Chubut, Argentina

Bruce Noden, Associate Professor, Entomology, Oklahoma State University.

Jason Jannot, Research Scientist, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Northwest Fisheries Science Center, Seattle.

Paul Leisnham, Professor & Chair, Environmental Sciences, University of Maryland

John Hatle, Professor, Biology, University of North Florida

Graduate Students

Kristina McIntire. PhD 2020. Now a Post Doc in Disease Ecology at University of Michigan.

Nate Dahlberg. Visiting graduate student. Completed MS student in Ecology at University of Southern Mississippi, and recently hired at Clarke Mosquito Control.

Kasie Chappell. Visiting graduate student. Now PhD student in Ecology at Indiana.

Savannah (Leutz) Ryals. Visiting graduate student. Completed MSPH in 2022 at University of Illinois Springfield. Now works for Illinois Dept. of Public Health

Geoff Ower. PhD 2020. Now a research scientist with the Illinois Natural History Survey.

Zoey Neale. MS 2018. Completed her PhD 2023 in Ecology at Rice University, Houston. Congratulations Zoey!

Karthikeyan Chandrasegaran. Visiting doctoral student.  Returned to National Centre for Biological Sciences, Bangalore India, to finish his PhD.  Post doc at Virginia Tech. Will Start as Assistant professor of Entomology at University of California, Riverside

Katie Westby, PhD 2015.  Post doctoral research, now Research Scientist at Tyson Research Center, Washington University, St. Louis.

Molly Schumacher, MS 2015.  Technician in insect pathology  / vector control at USDA ARS Peoria Illinois. Now Director of Donor Engagement, United Way of Dane County, WI.

Jennifer Breaux, PhD 2013.  Post doctoral research at Universidade Federal de Florianopolis, Brazil;  Post doctoral researcher working Universidade Communitaria de Chapeco, Brazil; Now working for New Orleans Vector Control.

Jillian Wormington, MS 2013.  PhD Zoology, Oklahoma State University, 2017.  Post doctoral researcher at Texas A&M University, Now Assistant Professor at Wayne State College, Nebraska.

Ebony Murrell, MS 2007, PhD 2012.  Post doctoral research in Entomology at University of Wisconsin; Post doctoral researcher at Pennsylvania State Univesity; Now at the Land Institute

Daniel Albeny Simoes Visiting Ph.D. Student; Returned to Universidad Federal de Vicosa, Minas Gerais, Brazil and complete his degree 2012. Post doctoral researcher at Universidade Federal de Florianopolis, Brazil. Now Professor at Universidade Communitaria de Chapeco, Brazil

Colleen Stephens MS 2011 Statistician, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology , Germany

Joe Fader MS 2011. Field biologist, San Diego Natural History Museum, among many other things.  Completed PhD in 2022 in Marine Ecology at Duke University

Paul O’Neal  MS. 2011. Research associate, McMinnville Nursery, Tennessee State University

Esther Dubrovsky  MS 2010 Now in Seattle

Kavitha Damal, Ph.D. 2009 (co-advised by Sabine Loew)  Post doctoral researcher in molecular genetics at University of Utah; Now Research Associate, Washington University, St. Louis

Banugopan Kesavaraju , Ph.D. 2007.  Post Doc at Rutgers; Researcher with Salt Lake City Mosquito Control;  Now mosquito biologist for Valent Inc.

Donald Yee, Ph.D. 2006. Post Doctoral researcher at University of Calgary; Now Professor, Biology, University of Southern Mississippi.

Mary Lee, M.S. 2004. DVM University of Illinois.  Now a veterinarian in Colorado

Katie Costanzo, M.S. 2002.  Ph.D. in Biology at University of Buffalo; Post Doc, Illinois Natural History Survey; Now Associate Professor, Biology, Canisius College

Brianna Waters, M.S. 2000. Instructor at Mt. Hood College;  Now lives in Hawaii

Matthew Daugherty, M.S. 2000.   Ph.D. 2007, Biology at University of California, Berkeley; Post doctoral researcher at Berkeley,  Now Assistant Professor/Extension Entomologist, Entomology, University of California, Riverside

Barry Alto, M.S. 2000. Ph.D. 2006 in Entomology, University of Florida.  Post Doctoral Researcher at Yale; Now Associate Professor, Florida Medical Entomology Lab, University of Florida

Stephen Van Rhein, M.S. 1999. Works for the State of Missouri Department of Conservation

Scott Hegrenes, Ph.D. 1999. Now Co-Director, Environmental Science Program, Professor of Biology, & Director of Discovery Program, Carthage College, Kenosha WI

Marc Gravel, M.S. 1997, now employed by State Farm Insurance Co.

Andrea Aspbury, M.S. 1997, Ph.D. in Biology at University of Nebraska 2002, Now Senior Lecturer at Texas State University

Michael Nannini, M.S. 1996, Ph.D. 2001, Biology, Brigham Young University, Post doc with EPA,Now Assistant Director, Sam Parr Biological Station,  Illinois Natural History Survey

Pascale Leonard, Technician 1992-1993, Ph.D. 2002, Biology, University of New Mexico; Now a scientist with New Mexico Department of Health

Tony Frankino, M.S. 1993, Ph.D. 2000, Biology,  Indiana University, Post Doc at University of North Carolina; Post Doc in The Netherlands; Post Doc at Princeton; Now Associate Professor at University of Houston

Laura Hechtel, Ph.D. 1993, Now Associate Professor, D’Youville College, Buffalo

Undergraduate & High School Students

Emerson Roden – Environmental Health Specialist at Tazewell County Environmental Health

Maya Lamkin- Working in insect conservation with the St. Louis Zoo

Jo Payne – Visiting graduate student in Biological Sciences at ISU

Kat Coburn – MS program at University of Illinois

Karly Cazzatto – MS program in Botany at Miami Ohio

Shawn Mohammed (high school student) – Undergraduate at Washington University, St. Louis

Cecilia Canizela – Medical School, University of Illinois College of Medicine, Peoria

Leslie Pinzon – Graduate student in MSPH program at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Kelsey Hawes – Finished her DVM at Mississippi State University, and passed her Illinois Veterinary Licensing exam.

Kaitlyn Frederick – Works at Buckeye Relief in Cleveland, Ohio.

Andrew Petruzzi – Network specialist in the tech industry.

Lauren Prader – Pursuing a Physicians’ Assistant degree at University of North Texas Health Sciences Center, Ft. Worth

Hannah Nichols – MS in Nursing from DePaul University.

Jonah Goughnour (High school student) – BS from Illinois State University

Tyler Malone – PhD program in Biostatistics at Univeristy of Wisconsin

Alex Pakula – Worked as EPA intern

Molly Schumacher– MS Biological Sciences at ISU; Now Technician in the lab of Jose Luis Ramirez, USDA-ARS, Peoria

Alex Moss continuing student

Stefani Brandt Summer intern with Student Conservation Corps, Yosemite; Now MS student at Cal State – Humbolt working on pitcher plant communities

Nathan Hoover Worked on an organic farm, Colorado; Now MS student in Forestry, Southern Illinois University

Corey Jordan Computer tech, University of Nebraska

Alex Ko. MS Winthrop University, SC; PhD in Entomology at NC State Univ.

Scott Chism. M.S. in Ecology from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale

Dustin Herrmann.PhD , University of California Davis

Mickayla Bennett, MS Illinois State University; Now works for Monsanto

Eileen Bader, MS student at Miami University

Jessica Brinton, Now Field Organizer for Environment California

Eric Stone, MS student in Anthropology at Iowa State University

Lindsey Kling, Nursing degree at Illinois State university

Linsey Sala, MS in Biology at San Diego State University. Now museum scientist in charge of marine invertebrates at Scripps Institute

Amanda Solliday, MS in Agronomy at Cornell; Now doing ecological risk assessment for the federal government

Carlos Villanueva, Entered Seminary school at Immaculate Heart of Mary Seminary (really)

Rachel Homeny,Veterinary School, Ohio State University

Danielle Tomevi, Medical School, University of Illinois

Sarah Hohm, Technician in Biology at Washington University

Kim Mormann, graduate school in Biology Loyola

Eshani Gunawardene, Veterinary school at Arizona

Jessica Davis, M.S. (2003) in Health Sciences at Illinois State University; now on the job market

Jennifer Olson, MS and PhD in Biology at Ohio State University

Crystal Jones, Now a MS student in Conservation at SUNY Albany

Lindsay Luker, Optometry Student

Michael Crowley, Teaches high school biology

Rachel deFreese, unknown

Brian Stannis, Abbott Laboratories in their Hospital Products Division.

Virginia Flanagin, PhD from Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology

Leah Harting, now in Physician’s Assistant School, Midwestern University, Downer’s Grove, Illinois

Barry Flanary, M.S. (2001) Biological Sciences, Illinois State University;

PhD (2005) Molecular Biology, University of Florida

Christopher Grill, Ph.D. (1998) Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Kentucky; Post Doc at University of Hawaii

Gregory Moehrlin, Taught high school biology in the Chicago area; Entered Medical School at University of Illinois.

Steven Haase, DVM from University of Illinois

Jeneen Morrill, DVM (2002) from University of Illinois

Kelly Fabish, DVM (2002) from University of Illinois

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